🗞 For the health of this game, please draw up a Building Codes wiki

-Preferably written, edited, & updated by Wunderstruck employees only so that the info is 100% official. Something that everyone can use as a reference & not guesses or assumptions.

I don’t think Boundless is fully baked yet. I believe there will be more significant changes to come, possibly even after it is “finished”. That’s the beauty of some MMOs & sanboxes - it brings fresh content & keeps players engaged.

Devs are taking action along the way & changing some things here & there - which we can all adapt to, but we have to know what those rules are.

It seems to me like there are unnecessary fights among players almost every week that could be easily avoided, if clear guidelines are set. Continuing to rely on “good building practices” and individual opinions, is not a solution.


I agree!
Feel free to steal content from my polls WS if you do this (Discussion: what is considered respectful vs not respectful plotting)





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