Forced Regen at Regular Intervals

I’ve noticed with even the small player base we have right now that some areas get extremely busy 24/7 and therefore don’t regenerate to their natural state. I’d like to suggest that there’s some kind of forced world regen maybe once a week?

It’s more for the aesthetics than resources - random mines in Therka market, random bits of gravel and clay laying around. It would be nice to ensure busier areas stay natural looking.


I both like and dislike this idea… I’ve done some lawn care around Dragons Watch with the expectation that the changes would be maintained indefinitely via player activity… however i do like the auto garbage clean up aspect ^^ so yeah lol


Glad that someone has taken the time to erradicate the grass as i did, but true, some people leave their mess and that affects the feek of the area

@Jiivita That’s another reason why I thought of it, aside from the mess, as you probably noticed me buying grass seeds from you :slight_smile: I can’t bear the thought of laying down another 5K grass seeds to make an area look nice. Maybe that’s another suggestion, for grass to spread to joining blocks if the conditions are right.


Oh so that’s where all my grass seed is going… guess that means i need to get more lol… i do like the idea of spreading grass but my lawyers advise me that its a conflict of intrest and that i should use my new found fortune lobby the devs against it xD


haha, yeah, that was me who bumped you out the way on your own plinth, grabbed some grass seeds and said “shopping trip” then ran off XD my house is undergoing refurbishment at the moment so I’ll definitely be needing some more if I decide lowering 40 plots by one level and regrass them is a good idea.

At the moment I think the philosphy around this problem is: “If people want pretty grass around their village they need to fix it themselves”

Forced regen would hinder things like freestanding roads and such,

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We will just end up with forests of tress with only the tops left all over the world, if there’s no regen happening in busy areas with only 13 people playing on a server - the problem will only get worse if there is 5000 people playing on a server. The world will just look like a disastrous construction site, no-one will ever see the world in it’s natural beautiful state.

It will make everyone go into other peoples areas to mine for wood and silty soil to make their areas look terrible. If someone decides to mine a 20 wide 10 deep hole right outside the front of someone else’s house to farm for silty soil or chop down a forest of trees around someones property then it’s going to be pretty much “unintentional griefing” with no forced regen.

People who choose to build outside beacons should expect to lose their stuff.

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well you cannot expect to mow your lawn one time and its never regrowing again ;D

Well the world is 4 Square km wide as it stands, I heard one dev say it, don’t remember where.

And with more people coming bigger problems, it’s bound to happen. And well seeing the world in it’s natural state, people will, they’ll just need to explore harder than we have.