Forge den - crystal gardenia

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SO, I have been enabled. I am forging like a mad man, so now Crystal Gardenia has expanded :crazy_face: and has a whole floor filling up with forged tools.

I wanted to showcase what I have been working on so here’s whats on offer:

Crystal Gardenia can be found in Naughty Mall on Trior, in the yellow hall at number 122


Happy Boundlessing everyone! <3

P.S. Bless wakeNbake for making it possible and teaching me everything I now know :innocent:


Nice stats on many of the tools. If i were to suggest something, it’d be to put the tier of each tool (hammer/shovel/axe T5,T6, etc). Helps people make quicker decisions :smiley:.

For sure, ill ask a friend for help as idk what damage etc qualifies for each tier. thanks for the great suggestion!!!

1 Like this tool helps calculate damage required per tool type for each tier.

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