Forge GUI bug

An info box from the Forging screen was stuck on screen after i completed a lattice chisel forge. It wouldn’t allow me to right-click on the forged items in queue. Until I attempted to forge another item and highlighted the forge mat slot.

Edit: Mute ME!

I can certainly see the issue in the video, but is there any additional information that you can provide? I did wonder if you left your mouse pointer over the Pure Boon Compound 3 item when it was placed into the Forge, although you can’t finish forging without using a Setting Resin, so there’s that to consider too.

I must have moused over the boon compound to remove it. I’m usually shift clicking to insert or remove forge materials. I noticed that the small info window that lists the item name hasn’t been appearing always when mousing over the ingredients deck since this incident.

I haven’t been able to reproduce this so far. From reading your comment, you mention the item descriptions not appearing anywhere on the centraforge ingredients deck, but was this also the case when the mouse pointer was positioned over the ingredient that was placed into the forge at the time?

I don’t think so. Usually that’s the one that works and it’ll stay up until i re-mouse over the slot. Whether the ingredient is there or not.

To the forge!!!

Just gonna point out, I’m no master Forge guy. More of an intermediate type. I found a way to mute my noises as well, so this should be quiet. I don’t recommend watching as the bug only happens twice during the 15 minutes, once around the 3 minute mark and once a bit later, it coincides with lag spikes both times.

What exactly is happening 3 minutes into the video? Presumably it’s not quite the same issue as the one in the original post?

At 1:40 I shift click fate paste 2 out and boon compund in and info box for fate paste stays enabled. Thought it was later in the video :sweat_smile:

Thanks for the correction. It’s still not something I have seen in game, but I’ve added your video and screenshot to the bug database anyway.

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