Forge Gum Effects Table update?

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As I went through forging, I keep using this table for gum effects which helps me a lot, especially to find proper gums for what I want to do.

however with the Venerable update 223 and with the upcoming update 224 there are and will be significant changes.

Question to @Jiivita and all, is this table going to be maintained or is there other source of data used ?

I am using a copy of this table with all added Venerable effects, added Totems and Fists, but it is not that much in depth as the original. Just want to know if I shall upkeep mine, or someone’s on it already.


I’ll update it when I get on tonight =)


What a guy!

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Added the Venerable boons and a few other things… it should be up to date now. Let me know it something isn’t right :wink:


AWESOME ! Thanks so much!

I would ask also for the possibility to have the filters and sorting active, so people can filter out the possible effects for tools/slingbows/etc. Makes the overview better as the list gets quite long.


Shouldn’t the Release be 224 ?


224 is testing, 225 is live

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Ah OK, thanks, I thought the testing becomes then live with same number. All good then.

Unless they do something like this again

Also the numbers are actually wrong. They didn’t have a test or release with the number 148