Forge is messed up again

Anyone else been having major issues with the forge since the last update??? It’s at the point where I really don’t want to use it anymore. I don’t mind RNG… but what’s been happening lately it ridiculous. I usually start my forge by applying 2 of each Of the three gums I will use. Wipe the deck with catalyst when I have what I want. But finding lately it seems to only recognize the first gum applied. The other boons are completely random. Even if I wipe the deck and try again I get very similar results.

Anyone else having similar issues?? I’ve never had so much trouble. I know there wasn’t a forge update recently but I’ve never had so much frustration with this.

I don’t personally forge but I’ve heard a bit of fuss since the update. Although I will say people tend to look for change when they know some was changed And see things that may have always been there In other things. This is pattern recognition and more times than not it fools us.


If you are 3 boon forging, try starting with 1 gum of the first two and two of the last. The game appears to roll each slot in order, individually. At least it’s seemed that way since simoyd said something to me about it. Ever since then I’ve built my techniques around that haha


My forge has been normal, with multiple gums active at the same time :woman_shrugging:

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I suggest using more gums. 2 gums isn’t really much at all, to affect the outcome of a boon.

It actually seemed to be better since few days ago. Just the probability of boon landing within the given gums seems to be lower. Yet still it is ok to forge.

ive try some things, and find out, that the best way to handle with that problem is to forge on more than one forge… better 3 or 4…
yeah, ok, sometimes things went bad but iva a better feeling with3 forges, yesterday i forged more than 30 hammers… just switch the forge when things went bad… thats it…

oh i forgot : ive youre getting the lightning boon or the liquid boon, better stop… wont get better if this happens… even with another forge…

hope you understand…

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there MUST something with that debuff boon when u use deconstruct… cant explain otherwise to myself…

You mix gums… :open_mouth: I feel like that’s a little taboo for some reason :laughing: like it’s forging etiquette to just use one type of gum at a time.

I may give this crazy idea a go lol


I can safely say I never use more than 2x gum at a time and I get great results. Obviously I get mad when I get the wrong boons haha, but 2 definitely seems enough to get you in the right catagory imo

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To me it seems the probability decreases the further you are with the boons setting.

So I use:
1st boon: 2 gums
2nd boon: 3 gums
3rd boon: 4 gums

which works for me more or less.

If you can mix gums, do it, as this greatly increases the chance that the boon lands in one of these and the vigor spent for one of each kind is returned with the Vigor catalyst.

Thanks all for the feedback. I’ve always had great success with using 2 or 3 Different gums to start. Usually depends on what I’m forging. I have tried many different configurations in the past of how many and when I applied my gums. I found overall starting with 2 and sometimes 3 gums were very successful for me. Sometimes didn’t even need to use vigor 2 when using boon boost2. But I guess i need to go back and refine my strategies again. I had just never seen it this sever.

Again thanks for all the replies, I appreciate the feedback. Been spoiled I suppose, just have overcome alittle adversity I suppose :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


normaly i forge without random jumps, but after more than 100 pcs deconstruct, its ok…
think about to stop sell aoe tools, doesnt worth the time…
cant calculate this bad forging mechanics!!!
and this is a game you have to calculate your costs… seems a lil bit ambivalent to me…

do you notice that devs?

can you confirm that?

are you in on it?

pls say something…
cause its really frustrating to forge aoe tools in mass to refill our shops.