Forge Output timer different times

Made These:

THEN these:

One takes 40 mins, the other takes an hour?

can you spot the difference? Is the forge timer drunk? am i drunk?
what’s the deal here?

EDIT: They are in the same forge btw. so no different coils or anything

That’s weird.

I think this was discussed before… something like it was getting time added even for boons or quirks that didnt get enough points to be added… could not find the thread though.

That WOULD make sense… i think the second one was “closer” to getting AoE 5 than the first one.

But even if it makes sense… it still doesnt make sense. lol

shouldn’t really happen if output is the same


Agreed, I think the previous thread was in reference to bomb forging but can’t find it for the life of me at the moment.

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Found it

If the weapon got a defect that cannot show once done may add up some time. What method did you use to forge these ?

just pure boon

So just by looking they both had 2 boons applied when completed. Did the longer timer one happen to have a 3rd boon that did not get enough boon points to actually be applied before you set the tool?

It did not. The only difference is the AOE boon was much closer to going to lvl 5 on the second one, than the first that just barely got to 4

Hmm… I am at a loss then.

Granted these are so simple to forge, that I am almost robotic with them by now… so its POSSIBLE … “maybe” that there was another boon. but my brain usually auto Deconstructs after unwanted boon pops up.

But these are so fast to forge, like i said… it is possible my brain playback doesnt remember.

I just DO remember sweating about the AoE going from 4 to 5 before the magnet maxxed out

Yeah, I forge alot of them too… just sometimes end up with like a half a boon in the top slot right before I set the tool. Never really paid close attention to how it affects forge times though.

Maybe the time is calculated from the total amount of boon points the tool has in it and the other one happened to go over the 60min threshold :thinking:

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I’ve never played attention to the queue time lol.

I usually forge a lot at night before sleep so I just finish and log out.

Will pay more attention tomorrow to see if it happens to me and why

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