Forging time at World Regeneration Bombs

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I was forging since long time some new Regen Bombs and see something I dont understand

Why I get different times ? Exact same Bombs and the Forge is nearly 100% repaired and 7200 power

Normally I see the forge times increase with the number of forge effects applied. Like a shovel with just AOE takes less time in the queue than one with AOE + Durability + Speed … but looking at your screenshots I don’t see any difference in the number of forge effects applied so I don’t know what is going on.


yes the bombs are all 100% the same

and here the new queue, i added some more bombs

i dont understand why i get so often different times

Very odd indeed.

I’d like a few 10 minute stacks please.

I usually see bags taking extra time. Sometimes I can tell that it seems to be due to a boon or effect that’s not being set (Extra damage on regen bombs for instance) but sometimes there’s no obvious reason and I wonder if it was just one of the bags that took a lot of extra rounds.

Like boons removed with boon removal or those occasions where the full boon points bar just keeps landing on like, 3% :expressionless:

THIS! I was gonna post that. It’s a boon you don’t care about so easily forget it was there, ya know it’s gonna get removed, but it adds setting time…

Tho I’ve seen weirdness with it still so there might be something else too that is taken into account

Are there any instances where you thought you have some forge effects, but there are no descriptions available. Some players touched on this here:

i used draining boon compound, but i get never any quirk or debuff full, and i never removed any buff/debuff.

i had no finished quirk/debuff.

Did an incomplete quirk/debuff still adds time to the forge ?

It shouldn’t do, unless there’s an underlying bug here.

Would you be able to submit a video (or a series of screenshots) showing the forge effects before you apply the setting resin in order to add it to the queue (for the items with different queue times that is) and then showing the times applied? Also, if you can supply some screenshots showing the forge effects applies for the items in the queue so that they can be cross-referenced with the forge effects in the centraforge itself, that would be great as well.

if I need some new bombs more I can do, but now I have 16 smartsstacks bombs

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