Forge Queue: Not able to click and view Details Pane

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Been doing a little forging of chisels this morning and ran into an oddity. Not sure if it will ultimately cause a problem but I can’t click to view the forged sapphire chisel I just made. Hopefully it’ll go through and come out the other side as the proper forge but wanted to document it just in case. Should I be worried?


Probably not. Did you try logging off and on?

Yeah. Switched characters, no change. Restarted Steam, same.

This was reported previously as shown below:

However, I was unable to reproduce this. Do you remember what you were doing up to this point?

Sorry, I tried to search for any similar reports but didn’t see any. Probably just not matching search terms.

I had just finished the 3rd forge in the list as you can see in the picture. The boons on it were Glow 3 and Magnet 3. I completed the forge with setting resin and then immediately went to view my queue.

Sorry to have asked the stupid question. Somebody would have if I didn’t.

Vdragon’s report says that it happens because the first inventory slot in the stack is empty. Thank you for asking this, as I have learned something today.

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That happened to me… It could be something to do with multiple queued items?

I started also using the skip button a lot… It might be an issue with that perhaps :thinking: it normally does happen only when I have multiple items in the queue though. But it happens upon the item entering the queue…

@vdragon linked this thread earlier and this post in it seems to have an explanation:

Here is the finished tool, safe and sound. Also, as noted in the above thread by @Combustive it was a smart stack with the first slot open. This thread can close so far as I’m concerned.

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Thanks for the update. I still can’t reproduce this, even when there is no tool visible on the top left square of a smart stack. But I’ll add this post to the existing bug report anyway.

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