Forge Rank, Forge your best tool or weapons!

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This topic will be all about Forging the best Weapons and tools. we are going to compare the rank and the actual use for the weapon or tools.

Please follow these instructions when posting:

  1. To get the full effect of the item take the screnshot “F2” on the character that the weapon & tool is ment for. with a good skill set that works with the tool.

  2. Crop the images down to just the Item description

My best Slingbow with full dps build:

Rank 280 Heavy dmg 50% crit effect, short range

Rank 280 Heavy dmg 100% crit effect, short range

Rank 300 Nice dmg, Nice Crit effect. short range

Rank 310 Fast attack speed, okay dmg, slow debuff, nice crit chance

The interesting thing about thees slingbows is that I did my best to craft them into the highest rank and with highest dmg, and the last one rank 310 I did try maxing out the rank and that is really hard. I also now feel confident to say I have a good way to make a good high dmg sling without any real difficulty it just takes alot of combinations to get it. most of my craft is about 35 rounds of crafting.

The rank 310 was hard to forge and completely random generated but i think it still good.


Because I’m a bit of an old dinosaur especially when it comes to all these stats and figures etc could someone explain to me (in simple idiot proof terms) what’s the difference between the writing in the different colours and the various numbers inside and outside the brackets. I’m guessing the orange are positive traits and the purple are negative ones and are the numbers outside of brackets what they actually are and the ones inside brackets what they were?

you got it :sunglasses:

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Thanks, soo used to Diablo before where different coloured writing usually meant different positive traits depending on the different gems socketed. So far most of my forgeries seem to get just as much purple writing that any positives get almost negated out so in the long run the benefits hardly seem worth the effort. Can’t really experiment anymore as certain resources have dried up making it impossible to make any more potions. I’ll just have to wait till 1.0 now and maybe in about 6-9 months time or so I might get enough skill points to make an alt to try forging again :grin:

maybe call to mine - I could give you some ingredients or craft from whatever I have in my storage. A pity let it be gone and not used more

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Yeah I have so much stuff except one thing shimmering orbs :frowning:


Thanks Boundmore, I greatly appreciate your generous offer but I’m just going to concentrate on a bit of building till 1.0 … trying to decide what sort of home/base I’m going to build … too many ideas :grinning: …It will probably be determined by which location I find first :thinking::grin:


I’m out of those too :tired_face:

doing the same - without practicing though; just juggling ideas in my head for my main base for 1.0


I have some 310s and a lot of 300s, I posted them in discord. It is a lot of fun to forge for high efficiency

My best craft for practical use was a Diamond slingbow with +35 action speed (its base is very low, so a big action speed is critical!) With +20 projectile speed / -20 weight (makes it fly very accurately) and then a big base damage boost.

That thing hit like a truck and zipped like nobody’s business

@Aridhol Can you send a screenshot of it?

I’m using the defects to get that rank. Have you found another way or am I making it to complicated?

I have screenshots on my pc, on my phone atm. I posted to discord though I could try to find and repost here, let me see


Doing this from my phone so hopefully it works right…
I used Fate paste 2 and boon buff paste 2 with pure boon compound 3 to make this one. I use boon solvent to get rid of unwanted boons, and I usually use two gums right at start to encourage the boons I like

So you are saying that the speed bonus is increasing the DMG ? Could you post a screenshot of the dmg it dose to an elite with a singel hit?

No this one’s damage is skill based it doesn’t have bonus forged damage. It does however have excellent speed which is a significant damage* per second increase

Okay :slight_smile: I see

Ooh you wanted my best diamond slingbow screenshot… I dunno if I took a screeny, and I broke it hunting already :frowning: I will check my pc

Have you tested to go away from the pure compound. I’m using the courrpted compound 2 together with defect guard 2 and gambling paste 2 and Vigor catalyst 1. And also defect removal and defect reduction. This combinations I can prolong the forging and that’s really cool. The cool thing about is that I can get crafting from 20-25 rounds to 35 rounds that means I probly get additional 1500 vigor and maybe the same stability.

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I tested with Imperfect boon compound (i think that is the one it was…)

I wasn’t having as much success as I would have liked. But some of those specialty pastes and such that can fix defects that are particularly nasty require shadow orbs to craft which I am entirely lacking :stuck_out_tongue:

Vigor catalyst 1 dont require shadow orb and its more then enugth when you use the courrped coumpund. my problem is the stability im always runing out of stability. and thats why im using gambling paste 2.