Forge the Tiller

I would just like to be able to forge the Tiller farming tool. I like to use it, it has a cool design. If I could forge it then it would be amazing.

As it stands large farms are …time consuming to replant. At least with a forged tiller I could AoE and add speed to it.

I know I can use another tool…but if I miss many of the areas need to be retilled…or are dangerous if I break blocks.

The tiller is amazing, just would love to forge it <3


Yes please!!!

And a speed up for planting seeds would be nice, I liked that idea of that ehh, tool that is used IRL for planting (and tilling too even), if that could be added and forged that would be even better!


Yes please…come o give us some tools to help the grind of farming

Give us a tractor!

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A forged drone (magical robot) that plants and harvests single crop between two specialized blocks, a start and end block. Range, durability, and speed determined by forge level (25m base plus forged bonus of 25 to 75m ). Drone breaks when durability <= 0. The start block is like special chest that drone sits on top when not in use. Drone uses storage for seed pickup and crop drop off. The speed of drone ranges from base of 1m per 20s to 1m per 5s max, slow but steady). Interact with drone to manually initiate one pass of collection or planting of desired crop. If you want variety, have different drone type per specific crop. I prefer a generic drone with menu to select crop type at placement of drone on start block.


A thousand “please” for that ! I like the tiller too, but it’s such a shame that it can’t be forged like other tools. The speed up for planting seeds would be sooooo amazing too !

We definitely need to be able to speed up farming. Farming is time consuming and doesn’t benefit from any tool progression. This needs to be addressed for a better gaming experience and to balance the available activities that different players like.


When farming earlier I came to realise that harvesting is fine as is, if we could till and plant in one go and at the same speed as harvesting I would be ok…

Still would like it to go faster even, but it would be a nice start!

For me it is really slow. So I drink a speed potion. Is the Tiller enhanced by any of the tool skills?

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The most annoying thing about the tiller (and fertilizer, transformation chisel, probably some others too) is that you have to hold it on the block a bit longer to let the animation finish. I wish it functioned like the other tools and chisels, the block that’s under your cursor when you hit the action button is affected, not the one at the end of the animation.