Forge Tip For Low Flex (Gem) Tools


I’m not sure if this was intended, but there is a trick in the game to forge tools with low flexibility that lets you use another tools flexibility to forge a tool with greater efficiency. All you have to do is use a smart stack of the tool you want to forge and put the tool with the greatest flexibility first in the stack. I tried it with a bunch of gem slingbows because for some reason 6k power in the centraforge wasn’t enough to forge an amethyst bow with 200 efficiency. Unfortunately this can only be done with the tools of the same type and the same material category. I know devs like to nerf stuff like this but wanted to share it nonetheless to help people who need to bring that 150% efficiency to full 200 and dont want to go out and spend 3k+ on more coils :slight_smile: Centraforge needs the most coils by far anyway to work optimally so theres that


Yea the forge has always needed max coils. Only machine that does. The rest only need 13 or 14. After that adding more coils does nothing for the machine.


I just hope they will redesign this once they add lv 7 tools (if it even is planned) because it does not make sense to need max power for anything at this point in the game


I spent most of my coins on centraforge advanced coils even back when the price for them was around 20k, I dont think thats healthy for the economy


Really? I honestly didn’t know that. Thanks for the tip!


Besides time in queue, what else are the coils good for on a forge? Cause I have like 4-5 of them I think, and can bust out some crazy slingbows. There’s not a recipe in the knowledge tab that says ,“3x3 aoe hammer 6k power”. So I’m not sure what the point is.


Well the forge is tricky like that and unpredictable because you use boons that have more than one possible effect. Power increases efficiency, for example if you have 6k power or even 3k you will have double the effect on tools you forge using silver for example than you would have if you didnt use power. But it maxes out at 200% efficiency. So a compund that adds 100 boon would add 200. But for gem tools you need more power. Hope that makes sense xD On other machines it decreases crafting time, spark cost and unlocks recipes


It does make sense, thank you!