Forge Usage Stats POLL

I’m confident they could do this fairly elegantly within the Forge process itself by having a separate subsystem where players can play it safe with specific ingredients and forego the opportunity to get higher boon levels, boon types or any number of other balancing factors (maximum overall rank, etc.).

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For me, it’s none of the above. I’ve 627hrs played since the 11th of Sept and haven’t forged a single item. Haven’t even attempted it because I didn’t feel like I was ready, I hadn’t got the resources yet (due to not having the protections needed for higher tier worlds) and most importantly, I was overwhelmed by the complexity of the forging process.

Now, I’ve been at a point for the past couple of weeks where I felt that I wanted to jump into it. I watched numerous videos on YT from Jiivita and others and started getting a grasp and understanding of what needed done and etc. etc.

BUT, so, so many changes! Everytime I think I’m ready, something changes. First there was the spitter eye thing. Couldn’t get them no matter how many Strong and Mighty Spitters I slaughtered. I came here to the forum to say “They aint droppin’ their eyes!”… Then suddenly, the frackers started droppin’ their eyes. Typical! Then I learn, oh wait… you don’t need the eyes because there’s this new method. So, I start gathering to make draining compound. Just about to jump into the forging game and BOOM! Now this! More changes.

So, I have to say that I’m getting a little frustrated here. I understand that certain things in the game need to be balanced but c’mon. Can we please, for the sake of all sanity, come up with a system and stick to it? How many more times do we have to change this? How many times do we have to relearn something BEFORE we even get the chance to put it into practice?

I’m not an early veteran of the game and I’m also not a genius and my puny brain needs time to learn and absorb information. How can my puny brain deal with a learning process that keeps on changing?

If the Dev’s are watching this thread, help a guy with a puny brain out here… Make a system for forging and please, please, please… Stick to it!

Thank you for your time folks… I’m here all week (Puny brain cameo not included in admission fees. Terms and conditions apply) :smiley:


Or, and here me out on this, OR, they could just make Low and Mid Tier Forging completely random, like it is now, but then have a High End Tier only Machine that a player has to physically collect the items themselves to craft, and said machine can not be sold, transfered, or used by anyone but the crafter, nor created with any items except those created/farmed by the crafter, which let you create any Forged effect you want, and not have it be RNG.

Does that not punish the newer player that is supposed to start with low and mid tier forging? If we are worrying about player retention then making the newer players more subject to a poor result using the forge might not be a good idea.


But now you get your tool and also get some forge ingredients… That is a huge change!

for me it the fact of how big of a wall there is for forgeing to be able to effectively forge you need a alt just for it and max power coils given you can do it without coils or maxed out stats but then you are punished for it with a lower effectiveness i did some minor iron forgeing with pure boon 1(pre nerf) but then just stooped once the mats cost more and combined with the painful RNG it just stoped being worth it


I’m of the VERY strong belief that Forging should NOT even be Low or Mid tier at all. It SHOULD be End Game ONLY.

Heck, I would even go so far as to put a lvl 50 only restriction on using the Forging Machine.

But it seems the Devs really want to push an End Game mechanic into the lower tiers to try and teach people it exists and make it less confusing.

Another way to do that, is just make it not random.

When you make a Potion, is it random? When you craft Food, is it random? When you make a Tool, is it random?

Instead of making Forging accessablely easier to End Game people, the people that have the materials and uses for it, and the need and want to make better tools to make the game easier now that they hit end game. The Devs instead force such a complicated machine and defective broken system onto low tier people anyways.

All they are doing, is making it easier to Forge Wooden Tools, not make the Forges actually ‘Good’ to use. Said forged tools will be so broken, defective, and quirky, that it would be a waste of resources to even try making them. But low tier new players aren’t going to know that, and just waste time farming stuff to forge useless tools that will never match a 130c Iron Hammer without many debuffs on it.

Since they do want it to reach lower level players, let’s leave that alone. However, I agree with you on the certainty. When I craft a decorative block I always get the same blocks and the same number of blocks. If we are using found technology for portals, warps and crafting why is forging so difficult for us to master that we have to deal with a slot machine?

All I wanted to do once the release worlds dropped was sell forged chisels. (and grapples)
in pre-release it was fine, I already had a stock of nearly every item in the game (except for roadrunner trophies…) and I was able to forge a few things and see how it worked but due to the RIDICULOUS amounts of hard-to-find items even for the basic ingredients being so absurdly high, I only did bulk crafts and since the pre-release worlds were going to be wiped anyway I didn’t worry about it.

That is just one factor in why I am not even there yet.
The need for high tier items from high tier planets requires a fair bit of skills not only for the atmosphere but for block breaking as well. which probably requires a forged tool just to break these items. I haven’t seen a single gem yet I’ve gone mining several times. I don’t have the materials for machines let alone the coils… I even bought them in pre-release… Basically player progression is preventing me from getting there. the death penalty. lack of coin. the list goes on.
Sorry about the tangent, but for me, I want to but the grind wall is so tall I can’t even see the top.


I like to forge, but I dont currently. Not enough people for buying. So I just gather until the market picks up.

I do like the forging minigame though, I find it enjoyable

I love forging, make an item so much stronger even if is random is still better than none forged. Now that mats are in abundance forging is a lot better and I do tons of forging. Is fun and makes me proud of what I make. I make lots of free items for my settlement. Is now mostly over 300 lvl but before even a cheaply made iron hammer was a blessing.(I am addicted to forging)

I don’t like spending so many hours collecting all the ingredients for the forge and the slow forge system. But it is necessary if i want to save time while mining/doing other things.
So i don’t like to forge, but i do :stuck_out_tongue:

The RNG component of forging is certainly frustrating at times and it does make me rage when I continually land magnet when im after aoe (many ruined hammers lol) but I get why its there, a little game of chance no different than enchanting in some other games. What is really frustrating to me though is the difficulty to obtain some of the ingredients, mainly trophies.
A possible solution I can see is maybe lower the ingredient cost for some of the current recipes, or increase certain droprates, but Im thinking of maybe another option.
What if we kept mostly the current list of compound/paste/gums etc with their random chance (maybe drop some of the more useless ones idk), took trophies out of the recipes and replaced them with something more common, and then introduce a couple new compounds with trophies included in these recipes that are more targeted in their application. So for example, AOE gum requires rr feathers amongst other things, damage gum may require thermal cores, that sort of thing…
Just thinking out loud

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Why they implement RNG and the minigame.

It is an interesting component of the game and can be enjoyable.

However the rng as people pointed out is an issue but can be dealt with a bit such as fate paste and being able to remove bad boons and the amount of resources needed for it will be a huge turnoff for most.

Not to mention it requires a heavy focus on a characters build to be useful.

Granted I have not gotten that far in it as I have been too busy doing a ton of hunts and building a bit but I have done enough to be able to craft decent titanium aoe hammers that can 2 shot t6 worlds and lesser items and can easily start crafting gem tools but not gotten around to do it but will have to it seems.

i love forging ^.^

i started forging since i can and forged many iron and titanium tools that kept me going.
now started to forge my gem tools.

only downside in forging: there is no info about the vigour/stability cost of the materials

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My opinion is that if you find the forge «overly complicated» your either very lazy or you have very little faith in yourself and give up to soon.

Its not that difficult at all.
And those that want simple forging with recpies…
Booring there are a ton of other games which does that. Developers seriously need to stop playing it safe by just doing what everybody else does…

Keep the forge as it is, tweak it, gently but alot.
Dont sell out and opt for bland easy boring solutions done a million times before…


No one forces you to forge…
And introducing your alternative would be impossible to balance with forging. It would either be useless or make foring obsolete.
Making the game easier doesnt make it better. This is just talk about dumbing the game down which is not neccecery and would in the long ruin really upset the core audience.

The only thing like this that could maybe be implented Is aguments for tools. Make them expensive to make and make it an alteenative to end game forged tools. Endgame tool aguments could also be a way to put use to alot of unsed material, like growth, thorns etc. aguments would ofc last for no longer then a brew duration, but finding a balance here is hard.

That could work. But giving people who are just to lazy to bother with forging the abiltiy to forge weapons without forging. Yuck!

just becouse you dont like the forging doesnt mean that alot of people dont, and implementing some basic weaponsupgrade is just an abhorrent decison for a game which actually tries to break new ground!

This was removed and classified as a bug awhile ago yet sadly is still a serious issue.

Making a game Harder, or Complex just for the sake of complex, doesn’t help the game either.

Also, the Core Audience? You meant the 20-30 people still lerking around on the Forums? When making the game simplier could draw in THOUSANDS of people to play and stay? Instead you want to keep things how they are, or make them worse, which just the talk about is wanting to drive away the already small community even more?

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