Forge Usage Stats POLL

Since so much emphasis is on the Forge lately, I wanted to know the percentage of Boundless players in-game according to Dev stats that ever Forge more than 5 items, and I wanted to ask the community here what they think.

Blind Poll so no one knows how you answered.

  • I like to Forge, so I do
  • I like to Forge, but I don’t
  • I don’t like to Forge, but I do
  • I don’t like to Forge, so I don’t

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Dont like, dont forge.
Caveat though, I do want to but it’s convoluted imo. Rotations and rng, blah.
I’m obviously a minority though.


wow I was not expecting this result. Forging looks a lot more complicated than it is. I had no idea that people were dissuaded from it this much!

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I currently really enjoy forging. But if high end forging is nerfed to make quirks/defects difficult to avoid, I’m not sure I will want to gamble with the forge anymore.


I think RNG can be fine as long as it’s always an improvement. If there’s a chance to get nothing or a penalty then it’s frustrating. If there’s only ever a chance to improve slightly or improve a lot, then it’s much better.


It looks very complicated, It requires a lot of items, most of it I know are from hunting high tier mobs, and I hate combat in this game very very much. It’s also very very highly RNG, and I can’t just make the exact kinda tool I want.

You also need a very very specific build to get the best results, requiring multiple skills that effect Forging and the Centraforge.

It’s something I have never, will never, and want to never touch at all unless there is literally nothing else left in the game for me to do to progress, and even then I’ll just go buy a Forged Hammer instead.


I like to forge and forge on a regular basis.
But my current character skills, coils, resources and knowledge only allow for mid-level forging.
If i want a 3x3 gem hammer I still have to buy it.

Missing option: I’m not at the point of forging being useful and haven’t tried it yet. Some other thread showed power-less forging to be worthless, so I’m not there yet.

It’s not just the odd UI, drawn-out animation times and RNG that puts me off. The ingredient cost and wasted materials (being addressed soon) does it too. Loads of reasons why I voted Dislike But Do.


I tried once and could not figure it out (even watched a video). I have not gone back. Maybe if there was an in-depth tutorial (if there is please let me know) I would watch it and try again. But for now not gonna happen.

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I don’t think any of the people I play with will quit over this (upcoming patch) specifically.

Yep. Disheartened to see it’s still intended direction & nothing doing about minimising or negating the random factor in the latest update. :frowning:


A bit like @Simoyd i’m surprised at poll. There’s been no indicators that people were unhappy with it beyond the odd ingredient change. So I thought I was an oddity, which is nothing new I guess
(players quitting isn’t specific enough)

Pretty sure I’ve fed back on bits I don’t like on here at least once. Seen others do so too (it’s of interest to me if/that it changes so I look at forge threads often).


The problem with the OP is that it takes a myopic approach to forging gameplay. It’s true; most people don’t want to forge for whatever reason. However, forging is an essential aspect to the game because the few who do it, are able to supply to the rest of us who don’t. It’s a trickle down effect. 80/20 rule, if you will.

It’s like saying the devs shouldn’t focus on enhancing brews or food because there aren’t alot of shopkeepers who do it. But there are shop owners like myself Helios or Promoeus who supply to the people who don’t. If they didn’t spend time buffing brews or other aspects of food then we wouldn’t be able to have the butterfly effect on on miners, hunters or gatherers who consume our goods.

And last but not least, what is up with the constant armchair game development on this forum. Everyone seems to act like they know what’s going on behind the scenes with the dev team. Game development is successful due to the sum of its parts. This is just one part of a bigger picture that we may not see.

PS- I don’t care to forge because I can buy it.

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I’d like the option…

  • I’d like to forge, but I’m put off.

Put off by the RNG’ness. The total uselessness of low level forging.
I’ve said time and again that I honestly believe that points in forging would grant access to more buffs, and higher levels of said buffs you can reach.

I’m fine with having to gather ingredients for the gums etc, IF you knew you’d get something from it.

When I go to gather mud for bricks, I don’t expect a 20% fail rate on making the bricks, therefore loosing all the mud. (bad example maybe)

I’d LOVE to forge my iron tools. I have the stuff for low level materials, and have infact done a low level forge. However it was so dire, I won’t be trying again :frowning:

This reads like a jumbled mess, I’m sorry!


Why? Play your strategy out towards the long game.

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I’m asking why do you believe your suggested mechanic is better than what is implemented?

Fair enough. But there are people who enjoy the RNGness of forging as well. So we’re back to square one; why should devs or the community take your suggestion up if you can’t offer a reason that’s beyond your personal preference?

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As soon as they brought the forge into the game, I quit making high end tools in EA. I do not like the rng aspects and the total waste of resources to spin the wheel to see what I get. An overly complicated system that I have never liked. I have never even bought a forged tool. I stuck with what I could make and the proposed changes do nothing to make me change my mind.