Forged goods pricing?


What are the current prices?

I mean aoe3x3 dmg6-10 speed-4-1 is trickier to get now but cheaper.

It costs me 4k aprox to make each hammer.
Cost comes from roadrunner feathers and hopper cores. The rest i farm.

Been running around checking prices but there are so many apperent overpriced shops and ghostshops.


What are you considering over priced?


Have you checked out the Golden Fist? I’m pretty sure we have the most competitive prices out on the market now.

If you’re looking for the same price that you can make it for though, then there’s no profit margin haha.

I do know we’ve got some really cheap tools though.


From my own experiences Diamond hammer with 3x3 AoE, Damage 8 (which is the minimum needed to one shot tier 6 rock), Speed 4 (which is pretty low, not sure why your aiming for this level?) would probably be at around 8-9k

A similar hammer with Max (10) Speed could probably go 10-12k easy

Anything over 15k is getting quite expensive even for perfect forges (for non-exo gem stuff) IMO


20k and up is overpriced. At one point the prices people thought was fair was just pure exploitation.

I just to sell perfect 25k hammers for 10k and was still making a profit.

Perfect hammers now though is hard :frowning:

Its just the weakest i atleast end up with.


Everyone has their own ways of forging, but generally if I cant get atleast damage 8 and speed/durability 6 with 3x3 aoe, i just use deconstruction resin and try again, which gives back 75% of the used forge materials + the unforged tool (when using level 3).

But then again, i also never use roadrunner feathers because of their cost, so its personal preference.


Okay my prices are still good. Just wanted to make sure. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Original forgeries in Nova Golda on trung has hammers for between 8-9999 depending on stats. T5 , quirk and alloy tools are cheaper. Alloy typically 1999


I pay 12k for perfect hammer and see that kind of price consistently around a few shops I check. I managed to buy such hammer for 10k a few times but 12k I accept as fair enough.


As stated, i have seen as low as 8k up to 15k.


I sell 4/10/10 (aoe/damage/dura) no quirks or defects for 12k I believe. Haven’t been to shop in couple days. So anything more than 12k if not max non quirked/defect to me is overpriced.


I sell dmg, AOE, and magnet ones for right around 9k. 7k for anything less than lvl8 dmg.


Yay, seems like goodguys are active!! :stuck_out_tongue:

No need for me then. :joy:

Maybe ill throw out a 6k sale somtime if i get overstocked :sweat_smile:


It all depends on the gem tool and stats. 1 month ago I bought 110+ diamond hammer with t6 damage, 3x3 and between 1400 to 2000 durability for prices between 6000 and 9500. 9500 is imo already higher end pricing but had 2000 durability and was happy with the service + it went to a nice person :+1:


Just checked our store, 5.5k-12k depending on the upper crust of stats or not and what tiers.