Forged recipes on cloth or alloy compacted into sheets!

I’ve been thinking wouldn’t it be something to have. Instead of forging on gear. Have something like cloth or compacted alloy to a sheet and use it in a forge to take the outcome. That way people can just buy that and apply it to what ever they want. Would possibly drop the huge costs of them too. And still provide a nice addition to the game and economy. It casts on gear so anyone can make use of the gems they mine up. And just buy a sheet or cloth that someone forged. Been thinking about this. What do you guys think?

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Although a cool mechanism, i would not be a fan of such a mechanic for the followi g reasons:

It would to a large degree take away from forging items though… could you mixed forged metals and forged cloth? This would make it much easier to make really good items from lightly forged raw materials, and would make forging finished tools the risky option.

It takes away the RNG risk that comes with forging too, you might hate a longevity boon on a hammer, but want it on a grapple- if it’s on the raw material theres no reason to ever have a “wrong” or “less than ideal” trait on any item…

Still something to think about. They could make it that u need a certain amount of points in a new skill for applying buffs or where luck would come in. Idk just a thought but I enjoy the feedback

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