Forging Balance Changes on Testing

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They are addressing the incorrect quirk wording, and the quirk values not showing correctly.

I really REALLY wish they would fix “Bouncy Feet” though… that would be one cool quirk to have on grapples…


Well they asked for ppl to check it out on test. Give feedback. They usually mean it. So fingers crossed they listen. I don’t want an even more random forging system. The issues I have now already irritate me. Washing away a boon just to get it back several times, and the level 5 aoe, is a waste and a joke. It literally should be number 1, and then the rest.


Has anyone yet been able to do this?


Oooooh no that would be chaos lol.

This table is from an old post but experimentally still holds, if they move 3x3 aoe to level 1; you have a very narrow window to hit it. You would have a 200 point window between 100 and 300 in which to land, and would make adding anything after aoe extremely risky… going for damage / dura first then aiming for this aoe would result in thousands of wasted boon points on tools that often wont hit 3x3 aoe - a new issue that many wont like either


oh yea! I can’t tell you the frustration when i was trying to get Lvl 1 AoE (the 1x3) on purpose… I had to totally rip my deck out and craft new compounds. Just to target the one i wanted. One of the most difficult effects to target.


Theres an updated post


Any idea when this will effect?


Yeah thanx will i use the updated one (and pendragon’s shortlist) often, was using the old one because it had boon points to attain level indicated :yum::+1:


Ah, :grinning:


I know the new update probably is already locked in - but from my prior post I"ll reprise my main recommendations/requests.

  • Add a means to remove Gum effects other than the Vigour Catalyst - ideally a dedicated de-gumming item that isnt crazy expensive to make.
  • Merge crit odds % and crit damage % boons into a single boon; they seem redundant apart, especially if you get crit damage% on a 0% crit item
  • Add an in-game knowledge reference on boons/quirks/defects
  • Consider adding boons/quirks that affect the following things: Drop rate, Walk/Sprint speed, Armor/resistance/element protection, health/stamina regeneration, revive cooldown/energy recovery, mob aggro radius, lava/fall damage resistance, buff/debuff duration


They would have to add new gums for more boons otherwise it makes getting certain boons even worse as there is no way to get what you want when boons share the same gum and even then it’s still rng even with 3-4 gums at times.


This is true; more gum types might not be a bad thing either. Some RNG is fine, but yeah you dont need THAT many options per category. It would be nice to have more valid ‘offhand’ boon combinations though.