Forging Balance Changes on Testing

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Very interesting idea. I think the %'s would need to be tuned to some degree but it could be interesting.

Another thing I’ve thought about is a way to rip boons off the tool and restore either stability or vigor or both. They could be expensive, and powerful but provide an option for those of us who strongly dislike gambling. Maybe it costs 1 of each trophy to craft 1 of them or something. Or 50 hopper eyes

Another thing could use chill shards and freeze all but the last boon.

Lots of potential. I tried to keep my recommendations to adjustments to mechanics already in game, since the BL devs seems to prefer tweaking numbers as opposed to new additions (judging from the tool update and the previous set of balance changes) but if they are up for adding new things, I’m on board with that and would be happy to do some more testing.


Yup ideally this would be best - in fact with the changes to efficiency the removal solvents seem a bit underpowered; 500 defect points is a big risk whereas the 500 boon points the solvent could give is now slightly underwhelming. Guess i could just suggest they consider changing the reward here from boon points to vigour while keeping these existing items


Yea. Quitting. Got good amount of fun for the money spent out of this game.


You’d just straight up quit from proposed changes to forging? Offer your feedback, at least…


Most people who I see claim this, are still playing and/or posting on the forums. Also if you did not notice

And you are quitting already? for something that is not even committed to coming out yet?


I did offer my feedback (pretty constructive too), came to the conclusion noboby needs my feedback … only hardcore players that agree with everything that happens to the game cuz they love it so much (who understandably seem to be the target audience) read it and all they say all the same is that im afraid of changes or im lazy or if they’ve done it - everyone needs to etc. I was one of those players 3 months ago when i joined, i liked what the game was, but i dont like what it is becoming. Its not just forging, its every single patch since 200. Its my opinion that this game doesnt deserve my time anymore, it might if it changes to something that fits me more, but it doesnt at the moment and by the looks of this " possible release candidate " it wont for some time =)
Sry for my english, also im pretty sure this is not the place for such a discussion so im out


He said in another post he doesn’t like the RNG of the forge, said he failed 8 gem hammers. I think the issue is twofold, I’m not sure he knows how to forge correctly, and he doesn’t like RNG (many people don’t) so that’s a respectable reason to quit over.

Boundless is following the RNG route. I encourage people to vote with their wallets if they don’t like that route.


Players don’t program the game. The devs do. So i don’t understand how you came to the conclusion that the devs don’t need your feed back when they purposefully went out of the way to put this out extra early for players to test and complain about?

I am a hardcore player and i do NOT agree with everything that is happening to the game.

The problem here, is you, like everyone else in this room, has already voted. we all bought the game.

I don’t like the RNG route at all. If you looked at some of my other posts you will see this. But I am going to stick around, try to see if I can be just loud enough for them to change it.


Agreed. This is the bestctime to stimulate conversations on why things are bad with RNG. I’m also a decently dedicated player and don’t agree with all of the RNG in forging. It feels rather out of place to me.


We can choose not to buy any microtransactions, and we can choose to tell people on Steam to avoid the game, leave bad reviews, etc.

We have plenty of control.


Yeah, I dislike rng in anything and in a game where the bulk of it involves fairly tangible amounts (18 trunks alway mass craft into 50 timber for example) the forge being rng really feels sort of slap in the face.

That said I like the way they are test these change and putting it there so we as players can sink our teeth into it and tell them what we like and don’t like. I enjoy many of the changes but alot of work needs to be done still. And many others have brought up great points and problems. So I feel the thread has had the desired effect for devs. Get to see what players and forgers think.


Sorry, my response was more of my pet peeve yelling out with people throwing the term “vote with your wallets” willy nilly when we ourselfs have technically already voted in that regards.

But yes there is control in other ways, that i agree with.


That’s fine. I haven’t done the things I suggested because I’d rather the game do well and have RNG than tank and not have RNG.

Probably get private servers eventually, and I get maybe get rid of all the RNG.


Please for the love of god drop aoe5, its so annoying and kinda pointless, just my opinion

  1. Yes. Really, anytime a quirk point or defect point is applied it should be balanced out with a buff or bonus boon points and one strong enough to risk having those points applied. Players will just totally ignore items that end up not being worth the risk.

  2. I don’t think its too high. I would say that the efficiency should be very close to the same across all gems.

  3. Yes!

  4. Sure. Less of a big deal. If it can be done without making things glitchy I’m all for it. If its problem or a challenge/ time sink that could be spent in more content, then I’d wait for a later QoL update.

  5. Yeah… having a random aoe block effect as the final tier is kinda wierd… Keeping the levels as is and changing the last level to something else would be best. Maybe add this as a Quirk instead or something.


I havent run into a person yet who considers it positive at the current meta, but I do know at least one good use for it.

Is the purpose of this boon progression to encourage the use of the new/old boon boost items or more gums during the forging process?


I am still fairly new to the game and have only recently gotten to where I felt confident sinking resources into forging, so here is some input from a relatively fresh set of eyes.

  • The centraforge looks daunting to new players because it’s not clear what you even need to get started. The average player will create the centraforge as soon as they can - likely when they have Iron gear - then see a red/brown low effectiveness value and get scared off thinking they aren’t ready. It’s also not clear what you need beyond a resin to do anything. So effectiveness should START at 100% and go up from there, instead of starting with a disadvantage.
  • The costs look steep and the in-game implication is that you should not even bother with anything less than the highest level of components if you dont want a crappy result. The change to make reactive lamella more available on T3 worlds may help, but I question whether that is the right answer for something so fundamental as the compound base. If you want mid-game players to be experimenting forging, make the base components dirt-cheap to reduce how daunting that is to enter. Imagine someone who is still at the Iron-tier gear level, MAYBE just edging into finding gold - that’s the resources you have to work with.
  • Lack of a good reference on available boons is a problem. The gums are meant to help with this; perhaps add boon types to the respective gums so you know what you’re getting?
  • Another problem is that once the gums are on, there is seemingly no way to get it OFF except for the vigor catalyst - which is pretty pricey to create. I would STRONGLY suggest some sort of a de-gumming ingredient; a solvent or catalyst that removes all gums.
  • It appears as though the boon ‘bar’ caps at 1k points, no matter how much you actually dump into it in a round; given that it’s possible to drop a LOT more than 1k in per round, that kinda feels wasteful. I’m not sure if this is a good thing or not.
  • Right now I am not encouraged to touch anything that gives quirk or defect points at all; they’re basically ignored because I don’t see any value they can provide that cannot be obtained another way. Unless I am /forced/ to run the risk of quirk/defect, I’ll never want to craft components taht provide it. Maybe you could let such components fill the boon bar beyond the 1k cap per round? I dunno.
  • The first time I created an AoE hammer I was happy - right up until I saw that my ‘all affect adjacent’ hammer had a massive -Damage from forging, with no clear reason why. I eventually tied the two things together, but right now this all but REQUIRES you to get both AoE and Damage on the same tool or suffer massively. I think this is a weakness in the current system, at least for it the AoE to reduce damage THAT much.
  • I get the feeling that crit% and crit damage% boons should be paired into a single boon; if you get a crit damage % boon on something that naturally has 0% crit, it’s basically wasted.
  • Are there any boons that improve the following: Drop rate, Walk/Sprint speed, Armor/resistance/element protection, health/stamina regeneration, revive cooldown/energy recovery, mob aggro radius, lava/fall damage resistance, buff/debuff duration. If these don’t exist, consider adding them.
  • Do gums have an effect on what quirks/defects get added?
  • For whatever reason, forging a stack of stuff takes the same duration as forging a single item. I’m not sure if that’s positive or negative.
  • I definitely would like to see AoE available earlier in the game. Both for rock mining and things like sand/dirt/peat/mud/ash/wood collection - it really hurts to not have meaningful access to AoE early on. That said the last level of AoE is indeed a disappointment - ‘random’ should be like level 1 instead of level 5. I get that it’s full damage but no one wants that pattern. Replace level 5 with something larger than 3x3 perhaps, or just make it 3x3 at 100% damage to everything.
  • Is it just me or is it wierd that gem gear is /easier/ to get components for than titanium? Titanium you gotta mix gold/copper or silver/iron into alloys, then mix again into titanium alloys - need three material types, as well as double processing sackcloth into cotton. Gem gear you craft leather directly and only need one material - the gems you process into refined form. Maybe if the sticks in the gem gear had to be metal rods or something.
  • Does the centraforge actually USE spark? Or even need to be connected at all??

Anyway, all of that is just stream-of-consciousness input. Hope it helps!


@Manabanana the best most informative feedback. @Prome3us, I love and agree 100% to both your ideas of changes to the update.

@ppl who want to quit, while the devs are ASKING for feedback on what they have on the plate, instead of imputing the feedback and getting the changes desired, I call asinine spitter fodder!


I really hope these inputs are considered by the devs. 200 hammers and getting 1 that is decent is a BAD system!


I was rather disappointed to see that none of the feedback in the thread had been incorporated. I was hoping at least the bugs would have been addressed.

Maybe it will be addressed in a follow up patch. Some guidance either way would be appreciated.