Forging bug

Hi there! I just forged a rift grapple and was pretty excited to see the final stats, but much to my dismay when I checked the queue, it had a three ranks in a defect that wasn’t there during the forge. I had rolled some points into the defect, but not enough for a rank, much less three. The defect was still greyed out.

Any idea what might have caused this to happen? And is there any chance it could be fixed?

Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pics or video during the forge, but here’s a pic of the grapple in the queue immediately after.

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Did the Defect appear to change by itself during the forging process?

The defect was gray with no ranks before I applied the setting resin, but then it came out with 3 ranks of the defect after.

I wonder if that is a byproduct of one of the boons. Similiar to how AOE boon has a damage defect byproduct.

These boons have no negative effects.
What I wonder is what method was used. With usual straightforward way of using corrupted compound 1 it is not possible to forge lucent stuff without defects to +240 Rank. Either some expensive advanced method had to be used or the defect did not show up properly during forging.

So more I would ask, why the defect did not appear properly during forging.

@Ristok, can you post your forging deck ?


Longevity Gum
Lightness Gum
Corrupted Boon Compound 2
Defect Reversal Catalyst
Vigour Catalyst
Invigoration Paste 1
Protection Paste 2
Stabilisation Paste 2
Fate Paste 2
Setting Resin

And yeah, I’m mostly just curious as to why the defect appeared after the fact, and would like to know that it won’t happen again, as these forges are pretty pricey and take a long time. I did do a couple more rift grapple forges after though, and both turned out great, No defects showed up after for either.

Thanks, seems good, explains the rank and makes me feel really like there has to be an error somewhere.

Can you recall the name of the defect?

Looks like reel time defect lvl3…

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It could possibly be some kind of mis-prediction. We made a few more fixes, so hopefully it may stop the problem from happening.

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Thanks for looking into it! :slight_smile:

Not yet perfect, but getting there :wink: Thanks again for sharing!
By coincidence got the same defect (unfortunately the proper way) and the one inactive didn’t appear.