Forging double (completed)

Hi! Today I was forging, and by mistake I seem to have forged two items at once. In the queue I can’t see what forged effect they have. I’m wondering if this is a glitch, and if I should cancel the forge before it completes? Please help.

You can even forge 9 of the same and all of them get the forge effect

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Thanks so much! That’ll speed up forging in the future. :grin:

Have in mind that for each tool you add, the total quantity of gums and solvents available in the deck gets reduced

So if you put 9 tools you will only be able to use a max of 11 for each

Thanks for the heads-up.

If the tool image does not show in the queue, that happens when your missing a tool in the first position of the SS.

The tool should finish just fine, with whatever you forged before the setting resin.