Forging Hectic with Randomness

I am not sure if it is because of a recent update, but the forge is being a whole lot more hectic than usual. Even with the boons I put to increase the chance of it still gets really random. It never really did that before. It would rarely do that, rather. Now I am wasting stock just to forge one set of hammers.

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This tends to happen. I had a really good day forging today. 60+ tools and most things went my way.

But i’ve also had days like you’ve just had where it seems your forge is broken. You just gotta put it off for a day and come back tomorrow or whenever you can.

Oohhh. Is that like a feature or something? Cause it feels realistic. Machines in real life need maintenance. So it would be like putting it off till tomorrow is its maintenance.

No it’s no feature, there’s been no changes, it’s all still just RNG :slight_smile:
You just have had more bad luck than normal!

Oh. Yeah my luck tends to screw me. Lol

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Or are you sure it isn’t a bug? We tend to see a flash of a leaf block when walking. Even when there isn’t any leaves in the vicinity.


…I’m not the only one??.. I always wondered what that brief bit of particles was that flashes real quick around me sometimes :laughing: Kinda spooky lol


Yes, i’m sure. These threads pop up every few weeks or so. It’s just bad luck :frowning:

I’m also not sure what your leaf block comment has to do with the forge?

Talking about a glitch with walking. You see a flash of a leaf block. We were referring that glitch to a possible forge glitch as well. The forge seems less reliable now.

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I can’t comment on the leaf block glitch :slight_smile:
But i can guarantee that you’re just having some bad luck, as i mentioned:

It all revolves on understanding how “random” works :slight_smile: Even if a chance is 99%, you can still have it fail 10000 times in a row :wink:


Oh. Thanks. Was confused on the probability. Saw a movie, No Game, No Life, on probability yesterday so I see now. Lol

You have to whisper encouragements to your forge, or maybe spruce up It’s area with some fancy blocks. Y’know, treat it right :wink:


And if you (forge) don’t listen to me, ill take some deco away

:joy::rofl::joy::rofl: talk to my character all the time especially when they start doing strange things on they’re own.


Sometimes I feel like this game is alive or self aware. Lol

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Something is wrong. You can have 4 effect gum on and get random special skill. Doing this pretty consistently.


That is what was passing off my friend. He put on Special x5 and got a glow boon.

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Exactly why I haven’t tried forging yet , if it wasn’t for bad luck I’d have no luck at all .

With 4 effect gums on a hammer, the chance to get a random boon outside of crit/dmg is still around 8-9%, nothing to scoff at.

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omg All the time! and inside my workshop…I didn’t know this was a thing tho. I thought I was going mad…But it tends to happen near the same spot in my workshop.

Absolutely! A few Oorties, Some Gleam. I even gave my forge it’s own room.


I feel like the forge is your significant other you have to please to get what you want. :smirk:

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