Forging mats

Anyone any tips for a well stocked, reasonably priced forge mat shop?

Mostly looking for corrupt 1/2, deco 3, vigour 2 and defect reversal.

Thanks for any info!

There’s Janna’s shop at Nova Golda Market? Not sure if she stocks everything you want tho and how well stocked she is at the moment…

Forge supplies at the Hubbit network main hub, as the full range, so you should be able to find things there.

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What do you consider a fair price for vigor catalyst 2? Given how often that’s used in rotations it’s an easy one to judge your value of forge ingredients so if you could provide what your comfortable paying it’d be easier to see if there’s a middle ground.

Theres the Lord Augmented shop for forge mats in Luxmall on Beckon (Aqua Hub). Never checked the prices but you can give it a look :smiley:

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Is this the one that’s under the glass streets? If so, that one has some pretty good prices on things.

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Yes it is.

They restock often, but keep pretty low quantities. I know I’ve cleaned out a number of their stands myself a few times.

Yes this aqua one and the hubbit one are pretty good. Decent prices too.

I still have plenty of Deco 3 and Vigour 2 at Ark’n’Art’s in Gyosha Mall, but someone keeps running me out of Corrupt 1/2 and Defect Reversal. :stuck_out_tongue:

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