Forging Pastes?

Quick question what does fate paste actually do? I can’t remeber

Fate 2 is 5 rounds fate 1 is 3. It also provides extra rolls to MISS quirks or defects. As well as if a boon roll misses it rolls again.


Fate paste is your friend. It gives you 3 chances to either add boon points or avoid quirk/defeat points. Use it. :blush:


My favorite paste. Always use it when forging and I start to use it when I have the second boon show up.

Not exactly “higher” per se, but more favorable (which isn’t always higher). Boon rolls will “typically” land higher, Defect and Quirk rolls will “typically” land lower. Most good forgers consider this a “Must Have” paste. Since you have a limited number of rolls before you are out of stability/vigour, getting the most out of those rolls is super important.