Forging Question?

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I am curious if I’m missing something,

when my forger adds 100x an item in the forge. When I begin forging the quantities reduce to 11. is this now the maximum numbers of items that you can bring forward to forging?

my Efficiency is at 200%. and I have 24 adv power coils attached to centraforge

Would be cause you have a stack of 9 tools in it. If you forge multiple items at once it reduces the count. Eg. with 100 boon, if youre forging 2 things you use 2 at a time, and it’ll show 50.

ah, that is correct I have been using full smart stacks

If you forge high end stuff, 5 item per forge is probably the maximum you want to do.

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I usually only do 2 or 3 at a time, saves mats when it doesnt go your way. And you’ll probably use more than 10 boon each time



thanks for the advice :smile:

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