Forging Request -Large low-level order

I’m looking for a bunch of low level farming tools. Right now I’d rather pay than forge.

If you can provide me with ruby or sapphire tools forged to 3x3 adjacent and with max magnet in the neighborhood of 3k coins (<3500c) I’ll take 100+ each of shovels, axes, and hammers. Additional boons are acceptable but not desired. No quirks or defects. I have budget right now for a shop stand of each.

If you have these on stands already in the price range feel free to speak up, thanks. With the random pricing and whatever else I don’t want to spend my day chasing BUTT all over the universe.

If the number of tools is an issue I can sell/provide them with appropriate price adjustment.

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I have a half shop stand of each in the making.
Sapphire tools at 3k each.
Right now it is getting late here. I am going to put them on stands in about 8 hours and message you then. When there is no other offer I can make more.

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Awesome. Someone else PM’d me saying they would do some as well. But if you want the rest of the order that’s probably fine.

PM me when they’re on the stands and I’ll come for them in short order. I’m completely out of shovels and axes, and almost out of hammers.

At this time still open to another 8ish stacks of each.

I’ll pick up from @Lorgar in the morning, and if no one else wants to do them by then I’ll call in ‘backup’, as someone offered in PM to do it but wanted to leave a chance for someone who needs/wants the coin.

It’s a single gum forge with a level 3 and a level 4 boon, if there are any curious/interested beginner forgers.

I’ll be going to bed in an hour or so. I assume Lorgar quit after the 8 stacks of each as indicated. If you want to forge on the order just announce your intention and target amount so someone else doesn’t start.

I’m moving this to closed.

Thanks @Lorgar and @CaptAmerica1611 for the efforts and time.


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