Forging So frustrating!

So I about to give up on even trying to forge diamond hammers keep seem it get right every method is to hard to understand :persevere:

Swing by the Golden Fist on Imdaari for a forging class, if your interested one of our forge Masters @tonezone @corveritas can give you a lesson/tutorial. There’s also some good YouTube videos and forum threads on it.

There are many ways to skin a cat in the forge, ten different paths can lead you to the same final item. approaching something as complex as the forge is tough without using the knowledge gained by those who have spent the time and done the science. But once you find one path that works, you expand and grow in it, before long you’re finding your own paths.


Once you get a general idea of how things work, you will develop your own methods. Practice makes perfect. Effect, Special and Longevity Gums are your friend.


The most important thing is not to be afraid to deconstruct.

Once you play with it and figure it out, it gets a lot easier. RNG is RNG however and you do have to deal with it.

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Also the testing server is a great way to do forge practice / science for free (without using your mats)


Yep I too would be more than happy to demonstrate and share what I have learned after many many many forges. (Just in case you weren’t aware you can watch someone forge on their machine if you have access to that machine)

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Yep, me too :wink: (can guide you). It can be frustrating, and knowledge of the deck and process isnt enough. This is due to rng. The process usually requires a little on the fly adaptation. But if you can get on voice chat and link into the same forge that the forger is using, they can explain each step of the process. AND why they are deviating from it when they do.

Could somebody link me to the very best methods that have been found and shared on the forum since the forging changes a little while back? Been kind of away from the game for a bit, and it would be cool to get back into forging.

I am on ps4

I havent tried forging rly. Have made few changers but thats about it.
Mainly the reason is that i dont really like hunting(forge ingredients) if you wanna buy that stuff you need a hefty wallet and after all of that you pretty much have to have whole skillpage/character dedicated to forging.

I actually tried yesterday for a first time and I am pretty enthusiastic about it. Watched Jiviita’s crash course, had to make a dedicated toon with the centraforging skills (lvl 16 seems to max it), and made 3-4 items only with Special Gum and pure boon compounds. No push for specific boons. Got boons in levels 1-4 and I am super happy :wink:
What I figured out is that it does not make sense to try with character that is not specced fully on centraforging and with basic compounds only.

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Yes definitely don’t bother without the spec, a lvl 16 alt isn’t too much work to make after all right?

And the best tip I can give is DECONSTRUCTION RESIN. With that you can experiment away all you like and erase 90% of your sins when it all goes horribly wrong.

I learnt the same way from one of Jiviita’s tutorials back before the forging rework, but even with that guide it still took a lot of practice and trial an error to actually maximise the results from the method. There are a lot of judgement calls to be made throughout the process.

If anyone is interested I’m more than happy to teach what I know with some demonstrations.

Forging is probably one of the most complicated parts of the game, but having tools you’ve specifically made for a purpose after understanding the basics makes it a fun challenge! Though that first hill is the hardest to get over.

And I appreciate the compliment, @TameJames, but I’m definitely not a forge master yet. Keyword, yet haha.

Forging takes practice. Jiivita on YouTube has some good videos on forging.

I’ve not even bothered trying, have no plans to. I’ll stick to purchasing my tools. Keep them shops stocked, guys!