Forging stacks of gem hammers

So last night I learned that forging stacks of hammer takes your stack of 100 gums etc and divides it up between the hammers. Clearly a stack of tier 5-6 one shot hammers isn’t as simple as doing one or two. Is there a semi-relaible method to go about this? Kind of odd how we can’t put bigger stacks then 100 of the wanted forge materials in there but I get why. I’ve spent over 300 hours in this game thinking all my hard work will pay off when I start forging stacks of hammers. Ha, I thought wrong. I usually do durability,devistating damage and aoe. I take it I will have to give up certain things like fate paste II or one of the gums.

Thanks everyone for the guidance. I was overthinking it. Deconstruction pastes are so crucial but they are how you get it done. Hoping in the future I can make some gear with a higher rank than 300 but this will be fine for now!

From my miners perspective


Without shovel/axe epic
Thanks @SilverSunn that video was a massive help!


Yeah you have to give some things up to make full stacks

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For a stack of 4 or 5 I use
Corrupting 1
Fate paste 2
Stabilization paste 2
3 gums
Deconstruction 3
Setting resin
Vigour cat 2
Defect removal 2 or defect reversal catalyst


The best way I know of…

Thank @wakeNbake for this one!


I take it protection paste II is to vigour costly or not viable for the short amount of forging time?

It’s interchangeable with the stabilization paste : ) I just like stab better

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Danke schön

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Huh I don’t change my deck at all between 2 or 9 hammers.


The two diffrent compounds work so well together. I will absolutely be giving that a go.

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Slow coach was not ideal but could have been worse. The damage could technically be higher I just have the hammer epic slotted atm.
Thanks for the video!

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