In all honesty I really dislike the way forging is done never thought someone would make a game then put a slot machine system in it for all of the key pieces of equipment in the game to be made It’s really easy to reference other games for how they handled forging and compare. take Minecraft for example there has been so many mods come out for it, to try and do/ create a feature for a game that hasn’t been created on Minecraft is not an easy feat. To say the least. But to not look at the popularity of certain features implemented into Minecraft in my opinion is a bad idea. Take thinkers construct for example great mod for Minecraft added a real version of smelting ores and pouring them into molds to creat your gear. Now if you took that real world concept and implemented it into boundless creating a real smelting process along with the boundless way of skill sets adding control and stability. For me at least would add a much more enjoyable experience forging, grind, and playing with this side of boundless. But right now I dislike making forged weapons because all I have to do is drag a bottle and spin a wheel. This will probably never change because they would have to rewrite how tools are made and how forging is done now but I can dream.

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Well it’s like enchanted tools in Minecraft. We need a bit of randomness as item sink.

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Enchanting is infinitely more cheaper in materials than it is in Boundless.

They are very different from one another because of that. At least I think so.

Yes, but since Minecraft is a single player they do not need any item sink while boundless is a mmorpg.

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The problem with forging is that you have no way within your skill set to really mitigate the randomness of boons, yeah you can increase chances but not really push your forging in a steady direction. I would give up 100 skill points just to avoid ever seeing magnetic collector boon again…

I’d love a way to be able to specialise your forging so you can increase the chances of certain boons, ie if you want to specialise in shovels or hammers you can do so and have a greater chance of getting the useful boons for those instead of the weaker or less useful ones, or cut some boons out entirely - magnetic collector and glow boons which seem to appear waaay too often to be random especially when you want them the least.

The amount of times my forging sessions are like this even after using the right methods:

First Boon to appear - Magnetic Collector

Decontruction Resin (bloody Magnetic collector troll again)

2nd try…AOE boon (great)

Second boon - devastating damage

Pump up the boon points, get some nice levels on aoe and damage

Many resources later…

Third boon appears - MAGNETIC COLLECTOR…

/sighs - Deconstruct resin…

log off.

The worse thing is I can’t pump my forging skills anymore, I have nowhere to go, my forge is maxed out with coils and I understand fully the forging mechanic, too me this is like training for years to be a Cartier watch maker and constantly being only able to produce cheap fake Rolexes 7 out of 10 times…


You can use Boon Transmute solvent in your deck if you’re going to the perfect tools.

LVL magnetic till lvl3 boon transmute then it give you AOE4 instead same with devastating dmg, durability or any boon you want just transmute them and stop using deconstruction resin.

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Yes true, but road runner feathers…a little too rich for me at this stage, I will work on it though, I do enjoy forging despite the setbacks :smiley:

I’ve never played single player Minecraft I’ve always been on a teknic server with mods, economy, and a lot of players

Look, if it was always a straight shot to the perfect gear, that’s all we would have, and then we might as well have a simple and direct way to just smash some materials together and Bam, AOE perfection. Adding some unknown into crafting makes getting that perfect hammer a much more exciting moment. The rarity of the items increases the tension, and adds risk. These are good traits.

That said, I would like to see more different kinds of boons, quirks, and even defects. Defects could be more subtle, or more drastic. Quirks could really be a shining point, adding things like backdraft (dealing more damage but taking some yourself), or capsule bombs that spawn blocks in its AOE radius, or a grapple that launches you rather than dragging you.

I haven’t done much forging but it seems to me to be like a sort of game inside the game. Like Triple Triad inside a Final Fantasy game.

If I played it more I could maybe speak to the depth of the game. But even without that experience I disagree with all the ppl trying to reduce forging into more crafting recipes. It should be a game inside the game where the outcome is better tools if you succeed. That idea is awesome.

From what I’ve played it feels like a turn based card game kind of like Free Cell or Solitaire. Those games have RNG and ppl accept it as part of the design because of other considerations. In Free Cell’s case you know each setup has a solution.

It sounds like forging accounts for RNG by requiring rarer ingredients for more control over it. I can see why players are not thrilled with that property of the game, it does seem a little more transactional than you want to be when dealing with RNG.

Just to get a fuller picture of the problem, can someone describe why the current setup is frustrating? Do you specifically need roadrunner feathers to have any control over boon selection RNG within a boon type? (I know the gums let you favor one type over another but not favor one of the options within that type). And those drops are hard to get, therefore the avg forger has no control over that aspect of RNG? That feels like something devs could address without much effort. A cheaper way to select the boon you want within a boon type, with a greater tradeoff that limits other factors of the tool (like adding quirks or defects).

There are other way than using roadrunner feather, although if you want to make perfect roll on 3 boon you mostly need them.

If you are okay with 2 perfect boon and one random, you can achieve it without feather easily.

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To start off, I love forging. It might even have surpassed building as the reason i play these days… I can’t speak for everyone, but in my experience there are two places that could be frustrating.

The first as mentioned above would be in the actual boon selected. Gums do favour boon type selection, but don’t specify which boon in category will be added. This can be dealt with by deconstruction resins, meaning you take a loss and re-try; boon transmute solvents which simply change the last added boon (even if the boon hasnt received enough points to be activated) or boon removal solvents which simply undo the last rolls allocated boon points.

Transmute can be used later, especially if it’s on the last (3rd) boon in a stack, and uses less vigour. Removal must be used before the next roll allocates boon points, and causes a re-roll with the possibility of getting the same boon you didnt want. It also costs more vigour, but doesnt use feathers. This issue is very much part of forging and is why we have gums and solvents.

The second frustration source i could have is pure RNG on where your boon slider lands. Even this can be attenuated with pastes to make each roll more likely to land high, or to stretch the process to more total rolls. It is however less “fixable” than the first issue, and a bigger thorn in my side. That said, smarter forging leads to very easy, rather good results, with the most expensive forge methods reserved for the most epic gear. I don’t see it as a bad thing that specific highly sought after items are harder or more expensive to make

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