Forming a Progression Guild

IMPORTANT NOTICE: A guild website has been created all information can be found here!!

As the game advances and features are integrated into Boundless my understanding of the game furthers. One aspect has become increasingly clear and that is the need for cooperation is essential if we are to advance in the game. In respects to this I have decided to prematurely recruit for a progression guild. Personally I have favoured progression above all else in a variety of game (WoW, Diablo 3, LoL etc.). As part of my goal to progress to the highest tiers of Boundless I wish to create a fully functional, self reliant and cooperative guild. Before describing the guild in detail I will first note that this guild will not be ideal for the creative types.

To reiterate this guild will aim to:

  • be self-reliant - in that it will be able to acquire the necessary means to progress without heavy reliance on external help.
  • be cooperative - in that it will function as a guild should by working together.
  • communicative - in that its members will communicate with one another whether it be goal-oriented or simply socially.
  • a community - in that it creates a social experience that really makes an MMO enjoyable.

Now although I stated creative types may not find this guild ideal this does not mean you have no place within it, it simply means that we will focus on the PVE progression aspect of Boundless, and ultimately the PVP, before constructing a voxel masterpeice.

Guild members will take on roles based on what the player prefers whether it be a farmer/hunter, miner, lumber jack, crafter or explorer. Ultimately we will come together to defeat Titans and rise up the tier ladder. In this guild there will be some form of heirachy however all members will contribute to its development. If a large enough interest is gathered in this guild we will move onto its inception such as: Guild Name, Heirachy, Recruitment, Roles, Play Times and Communication.

If anybody is interested feel free to add to this thread. I look forward to meeting you all in-game.

As a final note my favourite aspect of a MMO is the social one, meeting new players, cooperating and having fun.


09/11/15: This will be an Australian based guild which for the majority of the time (with the exception of Titans and Raids should not be to important); though depending on development may not mean anything significant. English speakers will be preferred however not overly important.

09/11/15: I am very open to combining forces with progression oriented players who wish to form a guild however lack players. I am quite open on a number of topics including: Guild Names and Heirarchy. I will be purchasing the Cheiftan Backer-Pack in the months to come so I will be able to reserve a Guild Name.


Hopefully I have posted this in the appropriate category!

I’m kind of interested^^ But I’m also interested in other guilds.
So you can put me on a maybe list and when guilds go live in ][ (yes I like that abriviation of Boundless^^) I will choose which guild fits me the best.

We also don’t know yet how guilds will be implemented. Maybe there is also some progression for creative types like architects.
And you’ll always need a HQ and if you want to be self-reliant you’ll also need builders and architects for that^^

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I more meant creative types as those who wish to build real aesthetic (I think thats the word) designs over more simplistic designs. Also my main suggestion for HQ is using discovered cave networks and manipulating them to serve our needs.

Also no worries this is simply just to create interest well in advance so it can be organized. Thanks for replying!

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Cave networks as a HQ sounds like some really shady guild xD


Hahaha, now that you said that I can’t unthink it. The idea though was to be more resourceful and also to help prevent griefing as well as exposure to PvP as navigating those systems can be difficult for those who do not know it. Nothing shady I promise! shifty eyes

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Also if you go to a new PvP world (if they will be a thing^^) it’s easier and faster to use a cave as HQ than building something completely new.

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Exactly. Though upon reaching higher tiers HQ’s will be well designed and unique strongholds. This is in the hopes that our higher progression will seperate us from griefers and general intereferences from players.

Also Guild HQ’s will become more advanced and organised (to our specific needs) as I assume intervals between tier progression will increase with the difficulty.

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Sounds Great. I’m in if you are from Europe … US could be a Problem with the time offset :frowning:

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I am an Australia based player, however I don’t know the time difference for you and I. However time difference more than likely will not be an issue with the exception of events which require a full guild effort.

If you want I’m more than happy to keep you up to date on the development of this concept guild and when there is enough interest bring us all together to organize it.

I already have three other players with great interest and one maybe. Hopefully more will come!


Hello, I used to play wow for… a very long time and loved the guilds there. I would love to be a part of your guild and the idea of it. I am in the US. So time might be a bit off but I would still try to commit being with you guys on important dates if possible. Otherwise I love building, and adventuring and being as a group. Names Derek. I am 19 and have been waiting for this game to come out out for awhile. But I did play it a lot in like january febuary and such If I recall. =) Skype is Centaur_1996 email If you care enough for those haha.

I love fellow WoW players as they have a very solid understanding of the guild system and progression. I’d be happy to skype you developments of this guild as major changes occur. Regarding the time difference it would be great to have many players of different time-zones as it will help to keep constant guild members online. It will just mean that major guild events will need advanced planning.

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If you wish to show an interest in joining then simply reply your username, region and if you wish Skype name TO THIS COMMENT and I’ll happily keep you updated on the development of this guild concept! So far there is a total of four players which have confirmed with me their interest in the game and several players have shown interest on the forum.

Although I am currently in the final week of university exams I have begun to create a PDF file, which will be regularly updated (likely fortnightly), that will include various details including possible guild names, guild heirarchy, interested players roster, division of roles and other guild information.

Additionally I wish to state that although this will be a relatively progression oriented guild it does not mean that you are not welcome here, however it will change certain guild benefits. Casual players are most welcome and will reap the benefits of the guild. I also understand that in the first months of release many players will wish to explore the Boundless world before commiting to a guild and progression which is absolutely understandable. However if you wish to focus on progression from the get go there will be many opportunities to do so.

(can you add me in steam ? you can search for “Heurazio”, Profile-Icon is the same as here)

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No problem

I’m interested. Although @KuroKuma has a point. Plus, don’t own the game yet xD so yeah.

So this guild being self reliant and all… does that mean you won’t be making use of the Mercenary Guild? That would be a shame.

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Basically in being self reliant this guild will not REQUIRE external assistance however it does not mean that it won’t take advantage of it. Although most external help will be in the form of fighters and explorers rather than gatherers, builders/crafters. Even though the guild will have its own fighters and explorers assistance in these areas are always welcomed and will payed for. So to answer your question yes we will use the Mercenary Guild and I believe that this guild and mercenary guilds will have a very beneficial relationship. However this guild will not have to rely on outside sources to function and progress!

Currently the guild is only a concept however if we achieve a reasonable amount of interested players (aiming for 20) we will further develop the guild and once the guild feature is released it be created. So owning the game isn’t necessary to show interest and support the guild development!

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