FORUM acting strange for me

look at this picture, after this mainr Forum acting strange, look what i see checking likes below posts

you see? likes done by unknown deleted user… all deleted except me

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check your internet connection

wait forums wouldnt work without internet

Obviously, you need to stop making all these alt accounts to give your self fake likes, Tiggs is onto you and deleting all your alts! :smile:

Just checked some of my older posts, and so far as I can see all the likes player icons are there for me.

Might try switching off any ad-blocker running and see if that fixes it. Could be picking up some kind of false positive.

Beyond that, could be something in the internet temp files that is either outdated or corrupted, have you tried doing a full reload of the site and purging all the cookies/files associated with


yes, cleared cache at forum, clllleared cache of my broowser, reinstalled browser, reloaded PC, nothing works
still - it happened after maintenance, before everything worked well

@Tiggs can i have your attention?
any idea what might causes this?
all likes are shown as made by unknown deleted user, no they are not, all of them are active on forum

addition - im using Mozilla Firefox, this happened when i checked forum after yesterdays maintenance,
reset, relogging, reinstall, clearing forum and browser cache didnt helped either

I’ve done coding before and you had to code additional stuff to a website to make it work on Mozilla Firefox - maybe they didn’t add the additional stuff for it to work on that browser. :confused:

im using mozilla firefox with Boundless forum from 2018 :smiley:
never got any problems, it happened yesterday after maintenace


For me, the forums are tons better. I have had months of being unable to visit without shutting down my browser down three or 4 times. Otherwise it’s like something is overlaying the page blocking me from clicking links. This is the first day I didn’t have to!


I’m not sure what could be causing that. We did a forum update last week from the software maker. I’ll look through the notes and see if anything sticks out.

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I’m thankful for having a support that gives their best to solve our problems despite being a small team. Other games with huge development teams dont even look into bugs that are many years old and instead bring out new content that they dont test and is just as broken as their old content. So I do appreciate Boundless and Monumental for that. The game is playable. Nothing than my own motivation would hold me up from playing. Thats honestly great news. Last thing people want is getting frustrated over bugs. So thanks @Tiggs and @monty1 from the bottom of my heart :heart:


Had the same issue a while ago, but it seems to have resolved itself.

still unsolved for me

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Im glad tiggs is looking into it…its only been 6 days

At least we can write our complains to a support :sob:

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