Forum and Punishment


@Salvatory, that sounds like a horrible and abusive idea. I might post a lot of things people don’t like to hear, (Very apparent from all the hidden messages to silence some of my posts, even the ones not breaking any rules in my eyes.), But I still have my own ideals, values, and discussion to try and help the game grow.

Just because you, or a Dev, or another player disliked what I had to say, just because I didn’t proof read it, cleaned it up, and let a robot dictate it, and instead let my anger and passion write it for me, my posts should all be ‘hidden’ away from the eyes of everyone else, just because they want the Forums to look nice?

Worse yet, from the sounds of it, it sounds like the system Youtube has, where the original post owner wouldn’t even notice or see that it happened, not knowing that no one can see their posts. That just makes it worse when they bring up multiple ideas, and no one responds to it.

With that kinda censoring, and it wouldn’t be hard to make a second account to check, they can easily break that info up to other people and get the game and devs seen in a very very bad light. Censoring is almost never a good thing, even if the post is rage and **** <— Star filled mess. Especially for a small game like this, cause that can very quickly get a lot of… Don’t know what to call SidAlpha and Jiminqusision. Gaming Youtube News Funnies? Either way, it can get the channels like them to tell their community not to support this game because the Devs are Censoring paying customer’s ideas, critiques, and suggestions. Even if those Censored at what some of the more… Stuck up people, find offensive.

^ That might work in a Music Community, and most others really, but not a Video Game community, where the people are meant to interact with Devs and Others of the community to help support the game.

Just because you don’t like someone, or like their posts, doesn’t invalidate the points they bring up.

I think it’s a bad idea, because no two opinions are alike. What you, the Devs, could see as derailing or off topic, others might not see that way.

If the title of a Topic, for example this one, is ‘Forum and Punishment’, Then lets take a post from this one… Hmm… These two posts.


Oh, and this one too:

All of these posts, one after the other, has nothing to do with main topic. Should they get deleted and removed? One of them was even by @Havok40k who is a Mod himself, so would the other two get deleted/removed/censored and his still be allowed to stay?

Because while Derailing a Thread, I can understand why people don’t like that, people CAN put it back on track. People CAN just scroll down and NOT read about the arguements people have. There is no magic force making you read about two people arguing over ideas and suggestions in a thread about a different topic.

At worse, I would say not ‘Delete’ or ‘Remove’ them, but force them into a different Topic at most, about what they are arguing about. THAT should be the ‘Worse’ that happens for Derailing a Thread. Because sometimes the posts derailing a thread, and those that get into arguments, DO bring up good points, suggestions, and ideas.

Just because some people don’t like anything that is dirty, doesn’t mean you should hide it all away just to make the Forums look nice, clean, and proper. After all, what would be the point of a Forums, if most of people there can’t even post without it getting deleted or removed? That people can’t give ideas or suggestions to a problem in a thread about the problem, and have it deleted and told to make their own thread and kicked out of the Discussions?

What if the Dev that posted about Forge Changes, just went through and deleted all the angry posts people had about that and pushed the feature through. To anyone that came in hours later, they wouldn’t see any hate, or debate, or anger over the feature at all, because they were silenced and removed. All in the name of keeping the Forums clean and peaceful. <— To me, that should NEVER happen, no matter how derailed or offencive a post is. Move it to a different thread so they can keep talking to each other if they have to, but don’t hide it in PMs where people can’t see it, nor remove/hide/delete it all together.

PS. I wonder how long before this post gets flagged and hidden?


I think some people do deserve temps bans or temp mutes. Don’t hand them out all willy nilly but a couple people up here are just staight disrespectful on a regular basis. Half the stuff they say wouldn’t fly in a face to face conversation but they think it’s ok to say it on the forum. Yea i get it, it’s the internet, but I read some of this stuff and just shake my head.

Arguing is ok, differing opinions is ok, but once you start to question another person’s intelligence just to belittle them they obviously need a break from posting anyway


I’m not talking about opinions, I’m talking about breaches of the code of conduct - the removal of toxicity, mudslinging etc… If people are abusive, they need to removed from a community until they learn to behave!

Clamping down on trouble will foster a level of expected behavior, and shape the community in a healthy way. Opinions/hotheaded happen, but there needs to be a way to cut the rot out quickly.


If you don’t shadow ban, they can use tools/alts to circumvent.


What peers, a bunch of randoms who really have no idea who I am, or where I live?

@James it was only wrong, at the Discord vs Discourse on that I was mistaken, due to some false information provided. Everything else was accurate, including the TOS update.


I could argue, very clearly, that what I just quoted from you is a personal attack against me, those like me, and a form of Intimidation. Should I report you and have your post deleted and removed?

^ This is an example of what I meant about people having different opinions on if something is offensive or not. To me, personally, I don’t care about your post at all. Even if you started swearing at me and insulting me, I’d never report your post, nor want the Devs to delete or remove it. Sure, I’ll get mad over it, might post back my own toxic rage, but I’m not going to force you to remove your post or get banned/shadow banned for it.


You are correct, my post was off topic. @Psyborg’s was not though. He was responding to my saying how the stuff he posted is the stuff we have to look out for as a community.

If my post gets flagged and hidden, no big deal. It was off topic and didn’t add anything to the conversation. That wouldn’t be censoring, just getting rid of off topic junk.

I don’t think you will get flagged this time though Jiro. You did not personally attack anyone. You stayed on topic, and answered @james’s question.

In that forge thread, the discussion was good. there were a few of these:
“These dev’s just don’t know what they are doing.”
“You must not play the game, cause you don’t understand”
“What a joke”
“(Insert footfall comment)”

And they got hidden. I think your post literally said the devs wake up and think about how they can doo doo on players… That is the stuff that needs hidden to keep it civil.

I don’t know if banning should come into it. But when a post gets hidden, hopefully the reaction isn’t anger, it should be “Why did this get hidden, lets read it again. And how can I make sure my future posts don’t get hidden.”


Beats chest making grunting sounds

No! I am right. And everything on the internet is focused only at me.

(Seems silly, right?)


If you beat your chest, and make grunting sounds everything looks silly, try that during open heart surgery. Even then it will look silly.

But seriously, bait wasn’t for you.


As a mod, this sort of thing isn’t personal. Looking a the bigger picture. I don’t see your posts as a problem.

I’m thinking forward to 10k+ people being active, and the few that become really problematic - as in inhuman treatment… really toxic, personal, belittling, out of context/plain rude from nowhere.

There are some behaviors that need to be pushed out, or becomes a flame war so fast - or spam.

We had a guy post on peoples music, and all he said was ‘this is s**t’, and variations - they were removed by a mod. Another just had bad english skills and people complained - he wasn’t banned and the community was told to be more tolerant :wink: - The people doing the banning would know what’s abusive, and what isn’t. So they’d have their own code to adhere to, so they could be called out if they abuse it (like people you say are reporting your replies - if they are serial reporters and unjustly doing so, then those privileges should be removed from them for example).


If people find out they’ve been secretly banned for however long it will enrage them a lot more. Maybe enough to go ham on the company that did it. You can’t even let them know what rule they broke.
Further, shadowbanning is highly abusable and manipulative.
Abusable because it’s used to silence opposing opinions, views, even entire ideologies.
Manipulative because you stop people being exposed to ideas except one the shadowbanners deem proper for the masses. You can tell i’m drawing from the obvious censoring by big tech here, but you can scale that down to apply to a forum.

There’s zero transparency so we are all to trust that the gods above us are following the rules and not censoring based on views, affiliation, personal vendettas etc, or trying to manipulate everyone into group think? I don’t know about anyone else but i’ve seen shadowbanning used for great ill despite the protestations of “We’re just protecting you little ignorant sheep, go back to sleep”



I’d prefer a more firm approach as well. The constant rehashing and concern trolling from various players grind on me worse than mining itself. lol. It’s literally the same stuff being discussed every week and it gets tiresome. I know of a few players who have said they stay away from the forums because of the negativity nowadays. I come to discuss and have some friendly banter as I don’t belong to a guild where I can socialize with people on a consistent basis. But even I question my own sanity as to why bother nowadays.


If mods abuse it, they would get banned. Simples. And I’ve used it in the past on people raging, and then they are dealt with personally - but their posts are not seen by the whole community - like a naughty step, but not muting as such


Ive been guilty of this too. I strongly believe some people deserve to be given a taste of their own medicine, and the devs/mods are way too tolerant of people trashing their work and threatening them etc.

But… i did also learn that thats not the world they want to create and in support for the game im doing my best to bite my tounge when i see it.

I used to own a pretty active hip hop website with about 6000 active members on the forum. Not the friendliest group of people as you can imagine, and i reckon modding that was actually easier than what goes on here… mostly cause i didnt have so many swear filters and could articulate what i thought of them.

I’d love to see more random funny light hearted game related threads popping up to balance it out. If anyone has any good screenshots/clips/memes/good stories etc dont be shy… we could drown the negative threads pretty easily.


The Freedom of Information Act is a federal law that allows for the full or partial disclosure of previously unreleased information/documents (i.e. official departmental records) controlled by the United States government. Specifically Executive branch departments. FOIA does not apply to private companies. Nor does it have anything to do with freedom of speech.

How that is being used to say that a person can’t be censored on a private companies social platform really confused me.

Back to lurking now.


“If mods abuse it”
It’s not simple, it’s already been abused to high heaven to much outcry in social media.
You’re saying we’re to trust those above mods to be pure, when in actuall fact we’re all corruptible. Transparency is the best defense against that.


Just cause YOU find it tiresome, doesn’t mean others do. If you just hide a topic or discussion away, just cause your tired of looking at it, is NOT a good thing.

If there is an issue, people should be allowed to talk about it being an issue until it’s fixed, and even after. Cause if it gets all censored, because you are tired of hearing about the issue. Then the issue is never fixed, new players won’t even know there is an issue, and Devs looking into it, will see that there is no issue cause no one is talking about it.

Aka, it creates an echo chamber where nothing happens, nothing changes, never grows. All because some people are tired of hearing the same thing again and again.

You want to see a topic that’s been beaten to death, so much that people now just ignore it, even tho it’s still a very big problem, and BECAUSE people are ignoring it, they are still letting it happen?

Micro Transactions in Non-Free to play games.

You know, kinda like the ones in Boundless.

  1. The method you were insinuating as it refers to this forum is illegal.
  2. You gave step-by-step instructions on how to (as you put it) make @Havok40k “cry”.

There is no reason to give instructions on how to make a moderator’s jobs more difficult, that doesn’t make these forums better, and it takes away from the discussion.

It was a clear violation of the community guidelines, and was flagged as such.

Not going to argue the point. I am moving on and will not derail this topic further. If you would like to @WidowMaker , please PM me, and we can continue this discussion.


Ya’ll still going at it? Nothing else to do? I find that hard to believe.


You’re correct. However in the future, wiki is not always the best.