Forum Oortmachine In-Game


Hi everyone. What better can someone waiting on the forum do other than suggesting weird ideas? Nothing :grin:.

A suggestion for the fun of it. Take it with a grain of salt.

Wouldn’t it be cool to have an Oortmachine in-game through which you can browse the forum? Its hard keeping an eye on both simultaneously :joy:. It can use sparks (50 sparks per day?) for electricity.

Edit: Something similar to the PC that you can log into in GTA - to clarify the idea.


I’ll make sure to find a way to mod or otherwise tamper with this feature so I can display inappropriate adult content on it. Trundle%20S%2030x30


RedY3 how darn you suggest something!

Make an oort machine that tells me when to fuel portals.


Oh my days what did i suggest :joy:. I regret it now :joy:.


You can get notifications on your Oortmachine pc to fuel the portals :nerd_face: