Forum replies not always working

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How is replying supposed to work? More than half of the time when I reply, it doesn’t visibly show it as a reply, although when I go to edit the post it does. It just doesn’t show the arrow with avatar in the upper right corner.

Example below

Same for me

this was a reply :slight_smile:

Yea seems to be a hit or miss when on mobile. Don’t know if it’s different when on pc

Think it depends on if the last post you’re resonding to is right above your post or not. If your post is right below theirs the arrow wont show. If their post is further up it will show the arrow so people can click and see what you’re replying to

There’s been times where I was the next reply and it didn’t show up as a reply to that person. That’s why I tend to edit my posts and but a @

Edit: prime example of what I mean. I was next reply but it doesn’t show it as a direct reply to you @Venom

That’s what i mean @FireAngelDth but if i respond to an earlier post that isn’t right above mine the arrow shows (i think)

Edit: yup

Maybe this should be fixed/changed? I’d like for it to be clear if a reply was for a specific message, or just a general reply to the thread. I get the idea behind not showing the information if it’s the very next message, but sometimes these threads have multiple different lines of thought going and it’s hard to keep track if the reply info isn’t there.

I agree 10 chars

^^ This.

Also, the forum software is not made by the game developers, so it’s not something they would be able to fix.

I’ve gotta say, it’s one of the better forum systems I’ve used!

Oh, didn’t realise that. But just understanding how it works helps.

And I agree it’s one of the best systems I’ve come across.

happens to me to but its usually me stepping out off a zone with wifi to a bad conected spot