Forum: Titles are now live, including 'Oort Powered' and 'Steam Powered'!

Everyone should now have their forum titles according to the package you bought on or through Steam.

We also have added some extra badges to show whether a user bought the game through (Oort Powered) or Steam (Steam Powered).

There’s a post here if for some reason your title isn’t correct:

EDIT: It’s now “Oort Powered” - to stop conflicting with the “Pioneer” backer badge.


I actually like my Supernova title better than my wayfare title. As this one shows an acomplishment and not that i paid some money :slight_smile:


agreed. 10 chars

i like having the ‘‘oort pioneer’’ but ‘‘Steam powered’’ is just such an awesome title too xD

I have a solution for that… Buy another game :stuck_out_tongue:

worth considering XD

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So I bought on steam and then paid for an upgrade on
does that mean I should have “oort pioneer” and “steam powered”?


It says you have both badges on your page, so yeah. :smile:

We’ve changed it from “Oort Powered” from “Oort Pioneer” - as it was conflicting with the “Pioneer” backer status.

(It’ll probably change again…)

Wow we have an Legend among us! An real Oortarian :open_mouth: He’s the cooles of all :smile:

Very nice touch. :smiley:

I just bought an additional backing…this game is too good to not support 100%! I just wish I could give more to make this game not just succeed but Top the charts!! :heartpulse:


Excellent texted… ^^