so just a quick suggestion well 3 really. (totally un-necessary)

  • First, a shortcut to the main site on the top bar.
  • Secondly, a live shoutbox possibly on the left or the right.
  • Thirdly, on the other side add the current funding feature and or the current total funded amount.

Yes something like an Oortchat is definitely needed.
So let´s try to summon the mighty Oort Online Webmaster. :smile:

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This is the format used, feel free to see if it is possible

The first one is possible they are already doing at the Stonehearth Discourse

Please no shoutbox. In my experience this will (mostly) be missused for spam and random stuff …


for a second there I thought that was hearthstone

Personally I feel like #2 and #3 would clutter up the site, slow it down, and cause a whole lot of problems with mobile devices.

If it were ever worth it, the funding progress could perhaps be depicted, simply, in the top nav as a simple progress bar. We could always just follow that proposed link to the main site anyhow.

As for shoutbox - we could always just use the “Off Topic” category in the forums :wink:

yeah but you cant actaully see how many people are online and have a live chat without clutter

and that still creates tonnes of new threads

Assuming people actually want to do it :smiley: What about an official OO web IRC?

Yeah it confuses people but it is not Radiant Entertainment’s fault that Blizzard decided a so similar name. :smiley: