Found an interesting bug on live involving grappling hooks and portals

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it’s the static hook from Terraria

the physics has been there awhile. the hook is tryign to drag you to where you hooked from.

The reason why some of the portals are laggy is because you’re travelling to a location that is surrounded by more portals. When you arrive, the engine starts opening the surrounding portals, which connects to more servers and starts loading and meshing their associated world chunks. We’ve a few things coming that should make this much smoother. (We didn’t really expect so many portals would be created in a single location.)


Come release I can only imagine more portals being created, unless they’re made considerably more expensive?

Oh, and does the size of a portal have any effect on latency?

We’ve been experiencing a bit of lag in Elop Portas recently, and we’re unsure if it’s portals or all the water and lava?


Once the game is released I would definitely plan on portals being put up everywhere, like literally everywhere. Everybody is going to want their own portal and there’s going to be a LOT of people playing and the majority aren’t going to care if their portal is adding to lag.


By the looks you weren’t in the ground, just under it … you were just moving faster than the chunks could load, so it looked like you had merged with the ground. As soon as the chunks loaded in, you could see that you were under ground, but just couldn’t move out as the grapple was not able to extend any further.

The grapple through a portal is a known issue - still fun to watch though!

Personally, I think grapple’s should disengage when you walk through a portal.


Agreed that there will be lots more portals, hence why we’re iterating to help enable it. We’re now optimising for responsiveness, rather than the full draw distance. Hopefully we’ll find a best of all worlds solution, but smoothness and portal opening / usable responsiveness is the priority.

We need to resist simply making the portals more expensive. This is the negative fun solution.

I would guess it’s the portals rather than the fluids. Once the fluids have simulated they really shouldnt cost much more than the standard worlds.


we have Jeff’s portal to Berlyn, and jcfinley’s portal to Nasharil, and i don’t count any other portals i know of.

which is why we thought it might be the liquids

Could it be the liquids falling into unbeaconed areas and fighting against world regen?


I have an underground base right under @DanBeforeTime and I’ve got about 13 portals open down there…maybe it’s me…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:Totally kidding!!! I dont have any portals open around there at all. I wonder what’s causing the lag though if there’s only a few open.


no because when the beacon regens it just cuts it off. the water won’t even flow cuz the source block isn’t re-simulated cuz it’s in a beacon


@Jeffrotheswell has his portal to Berlyn, and JC has one to Nasharil. I have two portals to elsewhere in Elopor, inside the crevasse. There’s also @Dzchan94’s portal to Berlyn, and the most recent horizontal portal in the storage (though it was lagging before that)

I have noticed that the lag abruptly stops as I’m climbing the hill to @Scratchnwiff’s place - so correct me if I’m wrong, but portals render roughly 7 plots away (right @SilberB?) so all we’d have to do is find out what’s 7 plots away from Scratch’s place.

the crevasse isn’t doing it for me that’s for sure, and i had the bad lag before the horizontal portal was there

And my portal is been there before jc was

it’s literally been there for so long i forgot it existed

7-8 plots yes

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lol Never underestimate player laziness when it comes to walking =P

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