(FOUND SOME) Need unforged ruby hammers

Hi all looking to buy some ruby hammers for about 1k each I need about 30 to 40

I got some. on hunt now

Alright just msg me when your available I will be switching games soon but I’ll be on for another hour or so

Saw a bunch of these at Legendville Mall in two diff shops but I forget which. I’d shop scanner for ya but I’m on a hunt rn :blush: Jacey’s back!

You are awesome I found them :grimacing: and in my budget they had 26 of them lol that will do

Death penalty in legendville mall, naughty mall, east of Gyosha ps hub as well. Alway has unforged tools and gear. @superman101

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I do t have 30 to 40…But I guess I better make a ton

I found what I was looking for but I will post here again when I’m in need thanks to all


@LunaiHunter I have made some at my shop my Olympus you can find my portal through portal seekers bitula first ring

my olympus or olympis?

Sorry MT Olympus