Free character change on GC? (poll)


Gleam Club allows the option to change the tints of our characters with advanced colors… there are two ways of doing this

  • create a new character and use the advanced options
  • Purchase an apperance change for 800 CBs

so here is the poll

  • Free Apearance change token when joining GC
  • We should pay for the token regardless

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This most definitely needs to be the case. At least one per character you have.

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That is what i try to imply free apearance change on joining GC sorry i did not make it clear that i meant only one free token (not per character)

I think this needs to be one per character you have already created. If you have already created 10 characters, you do not get to use this option that you are paying for.

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As character customization is still very basic / beta, I think there should be a free change option when all the features are fully implemented.

Otherwise the early adopters are stuck with the basic appearances.


thats a good thought - i just didn’t want it to sound as if i was asking for a lot of things :slight_smile:

I was shocked to know you cant do that with any of my characters, kinda feel cheated haha, hopefully they change it after seeing this post.

it actually give additional tab Gleam Club Advanced Colors on character creation. so i am just assuming the same would applie to an apperance change (because you can use it for that also - i used one last week)

Appearance change: 800 cubits
Gleam Club membership: $5 (roughly 500 cubit value based on $ to Cubit ratio)
This seems to imply that a character change valued $3 higher than membership in the GC. So you’re asking to spend $5 and get an $8 value cubit purchase for free with it.

Honestly though, I feel like appearance changes should not be 800 cubits to begin with. Maybe 100?


Well I mean… Yeah… Would be nice but I can see how people would just buy gleam club instead of a change

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First time maybe, but changing your toon every 30 days. That could easily be done through normal gameplay don’t you think :thinking:

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for sure… if it was cheaper it would be a lot fairer (especially to GC members)

which is also why i suggested the free change if GC - due to the pricing of the cubits vs GC

@willcrutchley is exactly right.

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i guess + not to mention as @Rumplypigskin said… you can easily earn 800 through gameplay and it does not take long either…

As part of the Gleam Club membership, you get additional options at character creation. Since this membership was not available when current characters were created, it would only make sense that since you are paying for said membership, all characters that were created before the membership was available should be able to alter their appearance one time with the new options at no additional cost outside of the cost of membership.

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This. The price needs to change.
You’re paying the equivalent of $8 just to change your appearance. Should be ~100 cubits, if not free.
It’s sad because it discourages experimentation with the different character options.

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Now, if $8 got me some premium models or skin patterns, I’d buy that, but at the moment it only allows color and body swap from the base set. That should be free imo. $8 feels like a premium price.

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I remember James mentioning, that when new character customization options come, they will allow everyone to change their character model.

Now as for the Character change since joining Gleam Club. I think as in this particular instance, people should have the option to. In the future, it should be something you need to buy the option with cubits after getting the Gleam Club membership.

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yes james did say that in another post… That we would all get a free character change for X reason - cant remember how he said it now

But yes we could go a few ways here

  • Free Appearance change as a choice upon joining the GC This membership comes with a free appearence change, would you like to do so now? If not then you will have to buy a token later
  • Cheaper AC Tokens (down from 800 to a fairer price)
  • free clothing change regardless (free character model + color change but pay for clothes/armor + colors of those etc)
  • keep it how it is

i agree… The outer tints over shadow the inner tints but its still WIP

but as for the free character change this is how i meant it (for anyone generally conufsed - not aimed directly at you Zina

  • Join GC
  • Get 10 free appareance change tokens (or tinting kits because we are talking about the GC TINTING)
  • this would mean ONLY 1 free token/kit per alt (as we can have up to 10)
  • and then after we have used it on 10 characters we have to buy the kit/tokens there-after

It would be nice to see what @james and the team says

i have now closed the poll

Thank you everyone for your votes and comments