Free furniture packs and inexpensive themed furniture DLC packs!

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Free furniture packs and inexpensive themed furniture DLC pacjs!

Add free Boundless furniture packs to game

PLUS Inexpensive Special Themed DLC Furniture packs such as Roman, science fiction, medieval themed furnitur DLC packs…

How to implement and the details up to the Developers.

Other items could be included in the themed DLCs also… all up to the Developers.

Would help players plus help the cashflow of Wonderstruck…

Responses starting to crab on free vs pay, etc will be flagged off topic. Please keep this a happy conversation


I’m fine with this if the devs want it I guess.

Can’t imagine they’d make that much money though. Probably better to make them GC exclusive crafts?

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What you mean by your post is prolly
“Look at what Creativerse does”, Right? :slight_smile:


I think creativerse should be required work for each of the devs. They should get paid to go mess with CV for 10 hours to see what the competition is up to.

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No, never played creataverse.

However I can say look at Space Engineers because they are already doing this. :wink:
Dk huge money definitely not… but a little additional money into the Wonderstruck coffers is a really good thing for the company imho.

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It has some good stuff. Boundless is better but it’s worth looking at. They definitely have some good ideas WS should consider.

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Of course paid with cubits! That seems to generate some income I suppose?
And more items to spend them on might mean more people buy them, and if they don’t buy them and are going to play for it, they won’t spend the cubits on plots…

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Right exactly… anything that adds some cash to the company is a positive I believe for us all in the long run!

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Make all kinds of gleamclub only craftable tools. make it a monthly thing to have new skins for tools and totems. or even put gemstone fists behind a 10k cubit wall where we could pay if we wanted to or just work really hard to get them.

I personally love this game and enjoy spending my money to help the developers continue to bring us incredible visually striking content. I think there is a long road ahead for sure :smiley:


Would those be tied to player or freely tradable? Are they craftable or you get in game items? If it’s in game items, that could bring in more moneyz even if price is low. If someone wants one set it’s accessible, but if someone wants 50 sets for a project… Of course can be paid with cubits

The way Creativerse does it is that you basically ‘buy’ the recipes but also get a bunch of pre-made items.

For say 650 cubits a nice little pack like those in Creativerse would be neat!

Some examples from Creativerse:

But before these should be added they need to make some generic, free of course, furniture, then later on these themed packs can contain blocks, furniture and other little items to spruce up our builds like those banners and mugs!

Ohh, a sign post, that is also something we could use! Wish they made some sort of template for such things so they can easily add many different types of say signposts, and if they allow further on for us to make our own ‘packs’ that would be so gosh darn cool.

That is the moment I feel the game might take off!

One can dream…


I like the idea of furniture packs and other premium cosmetics but I don’t think they should be sold for cubits. After level 50 it is absurdly easy to get them and they don’t have much value at that point. The packs should just be sold for cash so the devs can profit from it directly.


definitely yes to more furniture :slight_smile:
it could work if they made the themed DLCs as ‘skins’ for free furniture I guess. (if I buy dlc, I craft a regular free chair and then I select, say, a medieval or sci fi chair when I place it in my home, if I wanted to sell it, I could only sell it as default free chair) instead of buying the ability to craft an item with which I can then flood the market, making more dlc purchases pointless, or just buying 1 per guild or so…
also a custom banner/ logo maker, like that thingy that already exists as a webpage in which people are making the logos, but in game, maybe more complex, or even telling me if the logo I made already exists (like usernames)


Can also add them for free make game more fun for new players get more players more coin our is it better to let them come and charge extra for everything once they bought the game cuase then we got them hooked and can keep milking ignore me I always get upset at add this to game and sell it to make cash cuase I can afford do whatever I’m happy with MI tiny chair. EDIT I SHOULD READ @krasniy post before opening big mouth overlooked the free part sorry for that. Don’t flag :pray: didn’t read that either hahaha I’m old fart paying for extra is new concept for me need learn it is a thing now that’s normal would be lame to complain when I have a 150procent plot advantage :flushed:


I would say if the point is to raise cash, then no to using cubits as this does allow players to just play enough to gain the cubits. Now I do think that there are players that might argue it becomes p2w if you do this, but I can also argue it is pay 2 keep the game going. Ultimately just buying the game does not keep the servers running and development going. However, I have no idea how much income is derived from gleam club and cubit purchases now. Maybe it is making enough money but I would doubt it.


I’d be fine with say, half of new skins and cosmetics being cash only for the first month or two after they come out. lots of games do this.