Free Halloween Items @ Moony's RowH Madness (shortcut1) in DK Mall

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Just pop by, and I’ll manually give you a pumpkin, an oorty doll, a cauldron, a skull, and a couple of seeds.


I know it’s not much … but it’s something, eh?

Row H — Shortcut 1 — Look for Earthy Yams in the KB in game … mine are at 666c.


Thank you for the Lantern!! :grin: :+1: It sits outside my house now on Raxxa! :jack_o_lantern:



Always a pleasure, never a chore! :blush:

BRB - Ordering Food.


Will be away from keyboard until 20:00 UK time as I need to eat today. :wink:

Will be at the Brown hunt then … so can dish out after that… . :slight_smile:

… then back hanging around doing naff all after that. :smiley:

Sorry, taking a break … brain too full … need to decompress. Maybe back later!


OK, back on DK Mall on Tana in a bit … slight name change of shop, but nothing big.

Come get a free thingy.

EDIT - Oh, yeah, this is said with kindness, but please don’t friend request me. It’s obviously no offence, or personal … but I’ve already got too many in my list that I don’t talk to, and it’s too much for my head to sift to. I’ve got a stupidly simple brain, and it just can’t handle all the stuff … so apologies!

We’ll friend request naturally … y’know … over time … if we chat, and hang out and stuff … in game … yeah?