Free Hugs Denmark

Hey, I wanted to pop in and share my day today.

In Denmark it is vacation time right now,i was wondering what to do with my time when i fell over the story of Juan Mann who started the free hugs campaign, he went out and stood with a sign saying ‘‘Free hugs’’ every thursday for years making peoples day better.

i decided it was worth a try, so i got together 3 friends and got the permissions, and as such we have spent the entire day hugging people in one of the local centers, it was a huge success and i would like to share it

I would recommend everybody to give it a try, you never know who might need a hug that they cant get :smile:

PS: dont worry im not breaking the stereotype, i am the fat dude with long black hair, nerd stereotypes ftw!


This is so pretty :’)

Seriously tough, good job!

That’s awesome.

Now the Skull has actually a skin and a face … what has been seen cannot be unseen! O_O … no, just a joke ^^ … Wonderful event! :clap::smiley: . Had the idea a vew years ago with a friend, but he moved before we realised it … think I have to meet him soon! ;D