Free Running/More Mobility options

There was a post about this a few months ago that seems to have been forgotten so I wanted to bring it back up. The movement as it stands it good but I think Making it a little more fluid would go a long way. I think including mechanics such as crawling, basic climbing, sliding, ect would greatly add to how the game plays. When I used to play minecraft alot the smart moving mod was a personal favorite and I think it made the game feel smoother when you range of movement was less limited. With the grappling hook already added I think greater range of movement would add to how smooth the game feels.


I believe that things like crawling and sliding have been suggested by fans/investigated by devs, but nothing recent has been said about them recently. Honestly, I think climbing and crawling would be the only two other types of movement that would be logical to add (considering this is an MMO Voxel game). Nonetheless, I hope the devs consider this more for 1.0.

I have a nice little ice slide on Gortnen near the market project. Try it in 3rd-person view.

A couple of these are already implemented, but I agree, better movement is always good. Though if the movement is too fast/ easy it can make the worlds feel less treacherous, and it makes journeys feel insignificant. Also if moving is too easy, roads end up being a little pointless. It’s a fine balance to find the proper gameplay, because while I love doing cool parkour things and jumping around, if moving is too easy then the world feels smaller, and features like walls and buildings struggle to be relevant.


they could do a sort of “skill” system like dying light, where you start out with basics and kinda build up your repertoire as you rank up

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