Free stuff eventually

Whenever I make my way back on to this game I plan on selling all my stuff for 0 coins :coin:. Probably Tuesday next week. Whenever updates come I will jump back on and grind for the goods again but mean time lots of unused items just sitting in my beacon reclaim. Would rather see someone get some use out of them even if it’s to add to their storage. Wish I would have done this with my wow account many years ago. Not even sure if that game is still going but lots of stuff lost forever e-mail gone user name no idea password not a clue such a waste. Anyways free stuff next week sometime probably Tuesday.


Would edit this post to trade instead of general but can’t


When you say you got a lot of stuff, like what?

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:thinking: When I think of Alot somewhere like 10mil - up of blocks :joy::joy::joy:

I still would push on you keeping your stuff despite starting fresh if you decide to come back you worked hard to get your wealth of were your at :cookie:


What world?

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You will create inflation by doing this, lowering the value of currency for the rest of the players…

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I’m currently doing a storage base, i could hold onto your more valuable items like gems etc. But like if you want to give your stuff away I’ll take it no problem, upto you like, the option is there for you.

I could use some glowing glass sign modules in white :stuck_out_tongue: need to make myself now some. It seems nobody is selling them.

I can ask someone i know for the gleam signs May

Hey @ZeroNagz thanks for your kind offer. :slight_smile: @BabyCookie covered me with the required amount i needed :slight_smile: thanks a lot @BabyCookie :heart:

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My lot most definitely is not the same as those of you who live on this game but it’s still a good chunk of stuff no idea how much is left because I did part of it before now just time to do the rest. They will all go in shop stands and be priced to 0 and not sure what planet yet.

i would say keep your stuff, and im more than happy to help you in game.
if you made up your mind you can also give access to the reclaim, and i can do giveaways on my streams.

So had a bit of free time and just tossed some random stuff out of my reclaim lots more to go but it’s a start somewhere on the last t6 planet. Just look for things priced as 0 and you should be able to find it

Norkyna … is the name

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You were a neighbor (Q.Q)

No I had a sov. At one point just found my character on that planet so I set up shop

Who took the treasure??

I didn’t “I would felt bad if I did” got in the way :joy: :cookie:

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