Free Warp Conduit On planet Travel

With everyone (including myself) just logging to Sanctum and travelling to locations from there, it has made Warp Conduits pretty much obsolete.

How about making on planet travel free using Warp Conduits?, but keep Sanctum travel 100c. Since Conduits are used up on world you could argue that the power is inherent within the conduit and burns up on use.

I believe this would also help newer players hop around without breaking the bank.

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I only travel with warp conduits. And if traveling in groups to the exos you use warp conduits. Also if traveling via warp conduits was free why would anyone use Oort to power a portal to a t5+ planet. Also 100c is only for traveling 1blinksec away. It can get pretty costly depending on the distance

Hes talking about only making warps on the same planet free, would still cost to warp to another planet.

Warp conduits are never obsolete, sanctum warp never has the ability to be ‘public’, it only lets you through since you’re the one able to go to ‘your’ sanctum.

Warp conduits allow public warps, letting through anyone in the area to the same destination.

:joy: got distracted with work and missed the on planet travel. But my view still stands about traveling with groups. Also changes my view on not using Oort slightly than. If it was free on planet there’s a few portals I would close to not waste the Oort.

Also I avoid sanctum cause it’s more loading and faster to put down conduits. But I have a feeling my always carry doesn’t match many peoples

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I use warp conduits to make free warps with my alts.

You take a alt and then make a plot some where and then set it as your home, like a T6 sovereign world you use for harvesting resources.

Now go to your home world, ie where your main lives.

Setup a bunch of warp portals and activate but dont break them to go home.

switch to your main, now any time you want to go visit your T6 plant from your T1 just activate the portal and break it to go…

now i know what you are thinking… but they take up a lot of space… right but you can stick them anywhere, have a whole room of a house you cant do something with?
guess what they dont count towards your complex mesh count.

When i was moving from raxxa i used this method to open like 30 portals to my old plot and then did the same on my old plot
(pro tip: you can set the current plot you are on as home and then go though the portal. build return warps and repeat when you come back)

That sounds like an exploit

There was a post by the devs that said its a creative use of mechanics that is too much work for them to fix let me see if i can find it.