Fresh Start - Videos - Streaming (YT)

I’m starting fresh and I wanna document it (videos streams).

I love playing Boundless but have felt like I no longer ‘need’ to do anything in-game. And coming up with my own content can be tiresome and sometimes a dead end. I want to grind out coin, levels, plots and items again. Nowadays, if I need an item I go to my current reclaim and there is a good chance the thing I need is in there. I also want to actually have a need to make some of my inventions - I don’t need igneous stones atm, but I bet they would be quite useful if I was on a fresh character? Maybe.


Boundless is quite a difficult game to stream, there is a lot of downtime, there is no Title Towers to drop into for some easy high octane content. But I do like dropping into peoples Boundless streams to check in with the community and have some chill ‘Boundless vibez’.

So I’m going to stream my progression whenever I can, then make the odd video when I see fit, might be to summarise what progression I’ve done that week, or a video demonstrating something I’ve built on stream.

If you had the power to choose what Boundless content was available, what would you want to see?

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This is fantastic news Ovis!
I’m still missing Javiitas videos, so having something new to have running while I play will be great.

I don’t really watch streams, my schedule don’t usually allow for that, but I can confidently say that I will watch most, if not all of these videos.

“What I want to see”? Exactly what you are planning really. A fresh start, a “let’s play” of sorts. Most of us don’t need guides or tutorials, though those are great as well, just not what I “want”.

Really looking forward to this mate. Hope you have fun making it.

Mesa / Ino


looking forward to it!

a 3-part structure for each episode could be interesting: ( at least a little bit of each in every episode)
1: gameplay / general shenanigans (ideally with the boring bits cut out or sped up)
2: tutorial (game mechanics, tips, inventions)
3: exploration / showcase (nature, other ppl’s builds)

maybe in e01 you could address some of the more frequent concerns from negative reviews and show how to get past the horrible NPE easily and quickly


Whatever you do I’m sure it will be awesome. And I’ll definitely watch. :v::beers:


@Tec187 @Apt @georgegroeg :heart:

Cheers guys, and some great suggestions too :ok_hand:


Really looking forward to this to see more Boundless videos


Thanks Cap, great to see you back!