Fresh vital essence how are you making it

Road runner feathers… they have no use


You can farm people for tallow and bones…

wait that doesnt sound right…

you can ask people for tallow and bones… since some people have too much


Lol 2,5years and never taken a closer look to feathers… only that netted a lot of coin…
Now i must know :wink: have to take a look tomorrow…

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Thats a good point. I would have to see if the basket price on feathers could buy more of another mat to increase return on essence :thinking:

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You guys are making me feel sick just thinking about using feathers for that :face_vomiting:


You making essence from hopper cores too? They’re WAY cheaper than feathers!

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Ok, thought about it, and hellz no would I ever use any trophy for essence, not when fossils are so easy to get :rofl:

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Fossils only make ancient vital, though.

Spitter scales are usually one of the best ways to make fresh vital essence IMO but right now there are a few people sweeping the market clean of these “cheaper than the minter” deals.

Gotta forge yo :rofl:

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i’ve been using roadrunner trophies; i don’t use as much of the fresh essense so a few feathers keeps me set up for a while


If you sell the feathers and buy the essence, don’t you get like 10 times more essence?



image image

Ah I’m re-mathing this whole thing.

Basket price x 18 feathers is 34506c
This makes 1000 essence @ 34.5c each.

This is actually awfully close to @Rydralain’s estimate using current market prices. If you held out for a better price with a shop stand, you could almost double it.


Well allright then I gues the feathers go on the shop stand :D. thanks

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Pretty funny. Why does everything revolve around money on this game lately. I don’t care if I can go sell them or not and then buy essence on the cheap… not everyone is about making profit on this GAME,


If you want to do stuff and you don’t have time or aren’t a super-grinder than it comes to be about the coin.

I talk about coin a lot more than I worry about it :rofl:

The two go hand in hand, IMO. If you are aware of your options, and form habits that keep you operating in the positive, then coins are not a problem over time. Especially if you convert some of your idle time into doing some optional stuff.

I don’t see anything wrong with grinding your own trophies into coin to make essence you need for something you want to do. But if you’re complaining or just feel like you always need coin then there are better ways.

If you already have coins and time is worth more than (in-game) money then it’s all about hitting your goals.

Well I don’t grind much either. But I do understand what your saying. I buy everything too. I am over the grind also.

I’ve been using the essence minter tip you guys gave us and yes the royal us

Hmmm I have no issues after 18 hour hunt but I’m not a major crafter at the moment.

I load the machines, log in crafter she does her thing and I log back on to forget about it until needed


Blood is a favorite of mine

I tend to sell a lot of stuff in my store and based on what doesn’t sell or I have a huge amount of, turns into essence. Usually it’s bones or tallow as I go on hunts a lot. I do a lot of hunting while gathering also.