Freshdownload on laptop. Im getting compatibility issues?

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Im gonna need out of the box thinking to resolve this issue. I ran all the normal diags like verifying, reinstalling, administrations, compatibility mode.

is your OS 32 or 64?

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What Windows Version did you Install? Windows 7 Home 32bit?
If you don’t know, rightclick “Computer” and go to Settings.

It seems you’ve installed a 32bit Windows and Boundless is x64 only?

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Ty. Is 32 bit. /cri evertim

is the processor 32-bit? Or can you perhaps just reinstall as 64-bit OS?

32 :frowning: 4gb ram

The last Processor that was only 32 bit, was the Intel Pentium 4 Socket 478, thats about 10 years ago xD.

Google for “Windows 7 iso download”, follow the Microsoft link, throw in your Key (Or if you don’t got one an Genuine key Matching your Version). And download the 64 bit Version. This will make your Life much easier in case of Gaming :wink: