Friend list problem

will it be bigger soon?
i play more the social aspect off the game
so a big friendlist is what i need
also some xp for a new friend would be nice if i help people all day
talking explaining giving starter packets i get zero xp
so i level real slow
maybe some way off rewarding me with xp for this kinda work would be nice
dont know how this could work but im sure people will give some sugestion on how to do this :smile:


I encounter the same problem. I think that maybe it is because many of the veteran players have joined up into guilds already, leaving the rest of us to form guilds on our own.

Strictly speaking, there is no guild support in game, so no โ€œofficialโ€ guilds currently exist. There are pleanty of colaborative groups that exist in a loose fashion, but no exclusive guilds.

Guild support is a planned feature though. Soon. Ish.

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@james is there some info on this somewhere why it is short?