Frigging Blue or Purple? YT Video

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Yo yo yo, TechStomper here with another Boundless video where i realize a “goal” for now with this series This one involves u typing in the comments so as always i love people watching this so WATCH IT xD jk jk but really enjoy!!


Sorry my friend but it’s definitely a light faded purple color, not blue. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thank you!!!

Igneous appears to me to be at the blue end of the purple spectrum.

It’s just semantics though. There’s a lot of crossover with blues and purples.

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There’s for sure a more prevalent purple color to it. Purple holds the mix of red and blue, so there’s no shame in seeing tones of blue. But I see more purple than anything.


I’m with @Dzchan94 on this. Purple is mix of blue and red, so it can be more bluish than reddish :slight_smile:

Here’s a simple red to blue gradient, and all tones in between are purple.


I didn’t a colour picker website on a picture of it.
It gave values in RGB values. 0-255 I believe.

Red: 190, Green: 190, Blue: 211


ok ok guys it’s a bluish purple xD shesh hahaha

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lol I like this guy :joy:. Now just stop swearing in your videos so I can watch with my nephew :yum:. He’s a big boundless fan but can only watch a few boundless videos because of all the cussing. I like your style and sense of humor though.


A word of caution, swearing may also get your youtube videos de-monetized. Just saying.

Lol no it wont XD idk why people think this…swearing jn my case is completely fine plus not like im in it to make money right now i am just trying to grow my channel and entertain

Yeah…would me bleeping the swears out be fine? Cause swearing has become such a natural thing it would take awhile not to swear

Bleeping them out definitely helps :grin:.

ok that’s good cause yeah bleeping them out would take less effort then just not swearing on my part hahaha


I don’t mean to try and change you at all either. You by no means have to change anything about your channel. I just want you to know that your humor and style is entertaining and you could potentially have a larger (younger) viewer base without the swearing. Thanks for being so cool about this too. :slight_smile:

naw it’s what ever xD i’ll just bleep the swears…that aint really changing me xD

also i’m pretty sure swearing doesn’t stop younger viewers hahaha i mean look at Markiplier, Jackseptice and just on and on and on xD but it’s cool