Frustrating. Metamorphic Stone - Ashen Taupe

So, in my travels I found some ashen taupe metamorphic rock that I liked so much I decided to use it on my primary build. So, of course, I need more. So, I patiently visit every planet I’ve been to and find nothing. And I’ve only been to 5. No ashen taupe metamorphic rock.

I search online and find color tables for the game. First table, ashen taupe metamorphic isn’t even listed. Second table, it’s listed for a level 8 exoplanet. I’ve never been past a level 1 exoplanet.

This is very frustrating The 4 or 500 I collected and built with now have to be torn down and discarded. And I honestly don’t feel like picking another color and also I don’t feel like rebuilding anything.

planet Mu has ashen taupe metamorphic ( and rust taupe igneous), tnt hub, ‘pyrr’ portal in the sov. section


That is super helpful! Thanks!

Though I am super new, my friend next door had a TNT portal and I was quickly able to find Pyrr and now I have an endless supply! Thanks so much @Apt


Seriously, greatest tip ever. lol The TNT portal is like 15 seconds walk from my build, another 10 seconds to walk to the Pyrr portal, 15 second walk down the stairs, couple minutes digging and back to work. Thanks again! @Apt


Also have one on boori. A aussie planet if needed.through tnt boori booricay portal. Then portal with green gleam. Also the other planet has ashen taupe sand as well.

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Just saw this, good to see you on!! :grin:

Everybody, Scoobert is awesome, give a big welcome if you see!! :smiley:


Glad you got an answer. is pretty handy when looking for specific block colors avalible on public planet’s.